Robert Guerrero talks about his upcoming bout with Valdez and his new powerhouse manager Shelly Finkel
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (March 4, 2005)  
Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero
2005 looks good for the NABF featherweight champ Robert 'The Ghost' Guerrero, 14-0-1 (7), who is getting set to make his first title defense against Adrian Valdez, 16-3-3 (9), on April 1st on ShoBox. Guerrero recently signed a deal with longtime successful boxing manager Shelly Finkel and the undefeated sensation also just recently cracked the top ten in the WBC and the IBF organizations as well as the eleven spot in the WBO. Life is good and it appears it is just getting better day by day and fight by fight.

Last December Guerrero knocked out the fight veteran Cesar Figueroa in round four for the NABF title and looks to make a successful defense in April and by taking on longtime boxing manager Shelly Finkel to help guide his career it appears that Team Guerrero will continue to the top. 'The Ghost', who is a devout Christian, feels that the move with Finkel was God’s will and he will continue to spread the word of his faith every chance he may get. With his speed, skill and determination, his southpaw opponent will have a tough time catching 'The Ghost' on April 1st. The talented twenty-one year old has come on strong since his debut and looks to forward his career with another impressive win for the fans and his team. Robert stopped by the Doghouse to talk about it all - enjoy!

Benny Henderson: Well Robert, when we last spoke you were going for the NABF featherweight title last December as a prospect. You came out the victor with a knockout and now you’re a contender. How does it all feel to strap on a belt and continue to step up the ladder of success?

Ah man it feels good, real good to strap on a belt. Knowing how long it took me to get to the stage I’m at and you know God has been blessing me. I’ve been putting in the hard work and it was one of my goals to win a title and it is a major title but to me it means a lot. It means a lot because it is the first title I have won and that’s what I have been looking forward to since I started boxing. It feels well too with all the ward work and time I have put in, I’m finally getting somewhere and I am moving up the ladder, now I’m in the top six of the world. God is good and he is blessing me, he’s getting me somewhere.

BH: You just started training for your upcoming bout, so how is camp going for you?

Camp started out great; we are working hard to get into that top condition. We are putting a lot of rounds in and I’m feeling really good going into this fight. I’m confident and doing everything I need to do and I’m going to be ready for this fight.

BH: You will be facing Adrian Valdez on April 1st on ShoBox, what can you tell us about your opponent?

I hardly know anything about the guy, I know he’s a southpaw and he’s very tough and he keeps coming back. I’ll be looking into it more and getting tape on him and start breaking it down working out things here and there.

BH: You just recently teamed up with long time boxing manager Shelly Finkel. How did that partnership come about and where do you see yourself going with him guiding you?

The only way that came about I can say is that God makes things happen for a reason and I really feel that we can together through God to make things happen and to exalt His name. I caught his eye and he is really interested in me and I and my co-manager Bob Santos felt this was the best move. We prayed on it and I really feel it was a great decision.

BH: You have cracked the ten spot in the IBF and the eleven spot in the WBO and the number six spot in the WBC. When do you feel you will be ready to make a run for the top of these organizations?

I’ve been making that run since day one and I’m going to keep making that run, and hopefully with in a few more fights I should either be the mandatory or fighting for the title.

BH: What training regime does your trainer John Bray have you on?

Oh man we have put in a lot of work, a lot of rounds and a lot of bag work and a lot of conditioning. Working on a lot of defense and offense, basically we cover every part of being a fighter. You know that’s what you have to do; there aren’t many trainers out there that do that with you. John Bray covers everything and mixes it all up and focuses on everything you need to be a complete fighter.

BH: You have told me before that you wanted to use your boxing as a ministry; can you tell us exactly how you use the 'sweet science' to spread the word of the Lord?

Yes definitely, God has really blessed me, he had blessed me to do really big things and teaming up with Shelly, and I mean he is one of the best in boxing. Shelly can take me a long way in boxing and God has blessed me with good talents and charisma to really catch people’s eye and by catching their eye that is when I get that chance. On national TV to really minister the gospel of the Lord, and getting interviews with you and every chance I get I want to exalt Jesus Christ.

BH: How much do you feel you have matured as a boxer and what have you learned since your debut four years ago?

I have learned a lot of stuff, my body is starting to fill out and I’m going to be twenty-two years old. I learned that being a professional is a whole different level; you have to be in top shape all the time. You’ve got little gloves and no head gear; you have to work on everything. You got to be really super focused as a professional to really do something. I’ve earned all of that just being in camp and fighting, you pick up a lot but you never stop learning as a fighter. To be a great champion you always have to be learning and learning. When you are at that championship level the only thing that separates you is who worked harder or that little hair of knowledge that you picked up.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview or say in closing?

God is great and God bless everybody, and I hope they keep watching and I hope they are inspired.

I would like to thank Mario Serrano for his continuous help on these interviews and I would like to give a big shout out to 'The Ghost' for his time. For more info on Robert Guerrero visit:
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