Roy Jones Jr. Interview Part Two: "Bernard Hopkins will never forget that ass whipping!"
By Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Mar 4, 2009)  
It has been nearly sixteen years since former pound for pound king Roy Jones Jr. 52-5 (38) handed down his foe Bernard Hopkins a unanimous decision loss for his first world title strap. Since then both have established themselves as hall of fame bound boxers, and both are light heavyweight contenders who many would like to scrap one more time.

Will there ever be a Roy Jones Jr. versus Bernard Hopkins II?

Well, if RJJ can come out on the winning side of the tracks March 21st against tough veteran Omar Sheika 27-8 (18) when they meet in Jones Jr.’s home town of Pensacola, FL, Jones would like a scrap against Hopkins, as well as a few other well knowns in his division.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, RJJ names a few fighters he would like to step in the ring with, we touch base on his upcoming fight against Sheika, as well as other topics on his mind, enjoy.

BH: Out of your division, what three names interest Roy Jones Jr. and why?

Probably Chad Dawson, Glen Johnson, Bernard Hopkins and Antonio Tarver, those are the names that interest me.

BH: I have to ask this question and you are going to laugh at this question and think it is stupid, but I was with my son watching him play Fight Night Round 3, it showed you and Hopkins fighting at the beginning, just a promo. Anyway it had Hopkins winning the fight on there, although it has been around fifteen, sixteen years, don’t you hold a win over him?

(Laughs) You know I do not pay it that much attention, you cannot pay that guy that much attention, because truthfully he don’t want to fight me, one thing about it, when you give a guy a good ass whipping when he is young, he will never forget that ass whipping. You know where I coming from, people can say what they want to but you cannot pay him enough to come get his ass whipped again, he will never forget that ass whipping. (Laughing)

BH: Listen, I know it was a dumb question but it just had me wondering your thoughts on it.

I agree with you 100%, it ain’t right.

BH: What can your hometown fans expect from yourself come fight night?

Just know that there is going to be plenty of excitement, and it is still the old Roy, you can expect Roy to put on a hell of a show, and I have a very exciting fighter to put a hell of a show on with.

BH: In closing, what message would you like to send out the Sheika before the fight?

I know you are looking for opportunities, my name looks good and a resume and I am still putting my name on resumes. (Laughs)

I would like to thank Donna Westrich of DKW PRODUCTIONS, INC. for SQUARE RING PRODUCTIONS, INC. for her help with this interview.
For ticket info check out or you can purchase them at the Pensacola Civic Center Box Office.
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