Interview with Miguel Espino and Trainer John Bray
Interview By Benny Henderson Jr (March 5, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Season one participant of ‘The Contender’ and middleweight rising star Miguel Espino 18-2-1 (7) opens up 2008 this Sunday night in Mexico to take on Jose Humberto Corral 12-8 (8) in his first fight of the year, a year which Espino demands will belong to him.

Espino has been on the rise earning himself nine consecutive victories and has not lost a bout since the summer of 2004. Wins over the likes of Jonathan Reid (TKO 5), Sergey Stepkin (UD) and most recently Roberto Valenzuela (TKO 4) has bumped up the Californian in the rankings, but has opened up the eyes of the fight world as well.

Espino was slated to face Corral in late February, but due to illness has to postpone the throw down, now fully
healed up and ready to go Espino as well as his trainer John Bray speaks out on Sunday night, some potential match-ups and other various topics as well, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You had to pull out of your February bout due to an illness and now will be fighting March 8th, give the readers the scoop.

Miguel Espino
: Yeah, I got really sick, it was the first fight I ever had to pull out of. I was really bad for weeks, I was bed resting, it was really messed up.

BH: Everything is fine now, when did you get back into training?

I got back into training about three and a half weeks ago, I feel good. I was not doing anything wrong while I was down; I was just in bed not feeling well.

BH: What are your thoughts on your upcoming opponent?

ME: He is a Mexican, he is tough and come to fight. All these little fights I am doing is to keep busy, all the great fighters in the past has done it. Obviously some of the guys I have recently fought are not in my level, but I have to stay busy and get a W. I am just trying to stay busy and the big fight is right around the corner.

BH: That was my next question, when will be your big fight and who do you want that big fight to be?

Actually, it is unfortunate I got sick and had to take off because I had a phone call to fight John Duddy. We were going to jump on it but I got real sick. We are getting phone calls for bigger fights so it is coming.

BH: Did you see his last fight?

No, but I heard he did not look that impressive, but I do not want to take an account into that. He is a real good fighter but I heard he got banged up and cut. Maybe it was just one of those nights.

BH: Did you recently challenge Enrique Ornelas?

I did not challenge him, another Internet site had asked me what I thought about him and if I would fight him, I said absolutely and I think I would beat him. And then it turned out to that. I do not like to call out anybody, I’ll fight anybody, but I was not trying to call him out. If he wants to fight then great, it would be a great fight.

BH: See that is the problem with going to another website, they mix it all up, Doghouse Boxing gets it straight.

(Laughs) That’s what I’m talking about. But it would be a good fight, he is under Golden Boy Promotions, and it would be a Golden Boy card and it would be a great show if they want to put it on, it would be an action packed fight.

BH: If you could a message out to Humberto Corral using Doghouse Boxing as a platform what would you say?

To keep training hard, there are only a few days left until we tapper up for the weigh in. Good luck to yah bro.

BH: Anything in closing?

Nothing else, I just look forward to having a huge year. If Ornelas steps up then that is great, if anybody else in the top ten wants to step up I am ready, John Duddy or whoever I am here to make this a big year for my career.

Interview turns to trainer & manager John Bray

BH: Miguel had to move back his fight due to an illness, he told me he is back in full force. How is he looking in the gym?

John Bray:
He wanted to fight in February but I was the one who pulled the plug on that one, because I want Miguel to be 100%. People have expectations for Espino now, every time that he goes out there, not only does he have to win, he has to have that form or people are going to write him off. I am getting him ready to fight these top ten guys, guys that are bigger and stronger, so in the gym I have him working with cruiserweights. It is helping him out and I am happy with what I am seeing in the gym right now.

BH: Miguel told me that you guys received a phone call regarding a possible fight with John Duddy.

Yes we got one, he was sick and then again I talked to Duddy’s people and the numbers were so off that it did not even make sense. People say why would you give up an opportunity like that, what’s the opportunity. In John’s last fight he was exposed, is John Duddy the real thing? There are a lot of question marks.

BH: Miguel strongly stated that he will fight anybody.

Yes he will. You know what, he is a fighter and he should want to fight anyone, and as his trainer I feel the same way, but as a manager I have to look out for Miguel and his financial well being.

BH: He feels 2008 is going to be his year, your thoughts?

What I want, we are working on it, and I am working on the fight with Enrique Ornelas, I think it would be as great fight. I think it is a fight that Miguel should win, he has to be on his A-game. Ornelas is no push over by any means. I think that the numbers are looking good, Miguel Espino will fight anybody in the world, but it has to make sense. Boxing is a business and you have to be smart about it.

BH: Recently you had a boxing clinic where Tommy Morrison appeared and as well you worked his corner for his last fight, how is Tommy looking in the gym?

You know what Tommy has the ultimate equalizer, it is that left hook. Do not think for a minute that if you get with it that nothing is going to happen. He is starting to get comfortable here, he is throwing that left hook and I am trying to catch it, I swear to you my shoulders, my back are sore after wards and I have worked with some big guys.

BH: Your thoughts on Miguel’s next fight and his immediate future.

I want to keep him busy, I am going to try to get him a fight once to twice a month until we can get him in with a top ten fighter. And if Duddy’s people call again hopefully we can take the fight, only if the numbers are right. We are not going to take a fight like that for peanuts.

I would like to thank Jerry Gonzalez for setting up this interview, and a thanks goes out to Miguel as well as John for their time and thoughts.

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