Interview with Israel Vazquez: “Marquez and I made history together!”
Interview By Benny Henderson Jr (March 6, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photos © Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)  
When describing or defining the WBC super bantamweight champion Israel Vazquez 43-4 (31), many words come to mind, but only one phrase could truly do justice, supreme warrior. And as for his counterpart Rafael Marquez in what had to be one of the greatest trilogies in my experience as a boxing fan, I would have to give him the label as well.

It was twenty-five grueling rounds and three fights of pure in your face bloody action that the fight fans witnessed between Vazquez vs. Marquez, March 1st at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA, the fight fans witnessed the final chapter, or not, of one of the most entertaining three-peats in fistic history.

Unless you have lived under a rock in the past year you have come to know what has been the legend of Vazquez vs. Marquez, thank you to Showtime for giving the fans the goods. And in this Doghouse exclusive we have the illustrious victor Israel Vazquez speaking out on his second most recent win over Marquez,
and he give his thoughts on the entire series, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off Israel I would like to say congratulations on a job well done, and secondly, wow! Both of you guys deserve a standing ovation for the war you two waged. Give the readers your thoughts on the third throw down between you and Marquez.

Israel Vazquez:
Thank you very much Benny.  It was a war. Marquez and I said it would be just as entertaining as the others, and I think it was.  We will be linked together forever, we made history.  I have nothing but respect for Marquez, he's a true warrior. 

BH: I have to ask this, in the fourth round you caught a massive right hand from Marquez that dropped you to the canvas. Being brutally honest how
shaken up were you?

I was stunned but not to the point where I thought I was really endangered. But he did hurt me. He's very strong.  The last punch that he landed hit my eye, which made it really difficult to see from, for the remainder of the fight. 

BH: You two have waged twenty-five rounds war in a year, so how are you feeling? And as well I am going to shoot you straight my brother, please take some time off, you honestly need it.

I'm feeling good. I'm just spending time with my lovely wife and beautiful kids. Looking at them, makes it feel what I went thru was really worth it. I do plan on taking time off. I don't plan on moving an inch from my couch for a few months. (Laughing)

BH: Again, after what you two have been through, how much time do you feel is sufficient enough to fully heal before you get back in the mix of things?

Not sure on the exact time. But I know I will be taking at least six months off. 

BH: After the fight Marquez was complaining about the referee along with a few more subjects about the fight, does that take away from your win in knowing that he felt he was wronged in one way or another?

Maybe a little. I understand he was upset and emotional after the fight. But they did the same thing in the rematch as well. They complained about the referee.  I don't think they should protest. But, I'm not going to let it get to me. Like, my manager Frank Espinoza said, there were no losers on Saturday. We both made history together. 

BH: After the bout you both said you would fight once more, making this a fourth go around. I mean, yes, the fight fans would gain from it, you both would gain a lot financially, but honest there has to be other money fights out there for you. So besides the money why fight again?

I enjoy giving the public the fights that they want. It's really important to me that the fans and the boxing world remember me, even when I retire. I want people to say, he was a great fighter and always gave it his all.  So, it's not always about the money for me. But giving the fans what they want. 

BH: Robert Guerrero expressed deep interest in fighting you, give the readers your thoughts on that match-up, and what would it take to make the fight?

I know Robert, we used to spar together at Freddie Roach gym. He's a good kid and good champion. He's very tall and a tough guy. I think it would be a good fight. If the fans, wanted to see it, I wouldn't mind. Maybe sometime down the road. 

BH: If you can describe the three fights with Marquez in just a few words, how would you describe it?

The greatest trilogy ever. 

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to thank my fans for their support.  I dedicated my performance to the fans, who were the real winners on March 1st. I would also like to thank Rafael Marquez for the warrior he is and to Doghouse Boxing for supporting me. 

Once again I would like to thank Frank Espinoza for help keeping Israel Vazquez on Doghouse Boxing, and a big thanks goes out to Vazquez not only for his time and thoughts, but for his warrior’s heart.

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