Robert Guerrero Speaks Out in Doghouse Boxing Exclusive: “Call me a quitter, I always come to fight!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Mar 10, 2009)  
This past Saturday night the San Jose, CA, fight fans were ready to witness their hometown hero gain another W and move another rung up the championship ladder, but instead the crowd was fed a no decision when former two time featherweight champion Robert Guerrero 23-1-1 (16) could not continue due to a laceration over his right eye caused by an accidental head butt by his opponent Daud Yordan, ending The Ghost’s night and the fight in the second round.

After a short hospital visit that included twenty-three stitches to repair his right eye, an outpouring of negativity from some fans and sections of the media, as well as time to let it all sink in, The Ghost is ready to speak and address the fight fans, and of course, Doghouse Boxing has the exclusive, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: How are you feeling?

Robert Guerrero:
I am feeling great.

BH: Did you automatically know you were cut when the head butt occurred?

Yeah, as soon as we butted heads, it was a solid butt and as soon as I stepped back I felt the blood just trickle down.

BH: How many stitches did you receive and what exactly did you doctor say about the cut?

I received twenty-three stitches, it was a pretty bad cut, now I just have to let it heal up and get back on the ball again.

BH: How bad was the cut effecting you vision?

It started dripping right into the eye, like when you drop some eye drops into your eye and your vision blurs out, that is the way it was.

BH: I have seen that you have taken some heat on deciding not to go on with the bout, some felt that you could of gone on, and some has went as far as calling you a quitter, what are your thoughts on some of the negative opinions?

To call me a quitter, I do not know what they are talking about. I have fought before with a broken hand, with cuts on my eyes, even with a broken scapula in my shoulder, and fought through it, I have been through the heat. I did not take one step back in that fight, to call me a quitter, I came in throwing body shots and head shots, I was not the one holding on. If you watch the fight, it seemed like he was the one who did not want to fight. Everything time I came in he was like a cat in a bag throwing and grabbing and using his head. I always come to fight, I was stepping forward the whole time, it is unfortunate that I got head butt and the doctor stopped the fight, I was ahead on the scorecards I am a fighter, I will fight until the end. I go for it.

BH: Before the fight you as well as most of the fight world knew little to none about Daud Yordan, what are your thoughts on this cat now, and would you like a rematch?

I would love a rematch with him, he does some good things, he moves and has quick hands, but he never hurt me at all, the only thing that really affected me was when he head butted me, I would love to fight him again. I would love to get back in the ring with him and show the world it was a freak thing that happened.

BH: When can we see “The Ghost” back in action?

As soon as the cut heals I will be back in the ring.

BH: Anything in closing?

After talking to my doctor who is one of the lead doctors in the country, he told me if the cut got any deeper then it did it would be crucial to my future, the doctor and the ref made a great decision, you know what, live on to fight another day and put this behind me and go out there and start trucking again and taking care of business. I will be back and come on with what God has blessed me with.

I would like to thank Mario Serrano for setting up this interview, and a thanks goes out to Robert for his time and thoughts.

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