Cale Grady: “I’m whipping his ass or he’s whipping mine, but either way expect fireworks!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Mar 16, 2009)  
After an eight month layoff due to an injury, the undefeated 185-pound MMA prospect Cale Grady 1-0 (1) is raring and ready to climb back in the cage and wreak havoc on another victim, and the “Game” gets his shot at bringing more pain this Friday night when he takes on Shreveport’s Chad Leonhart 1-1 in the main event of Cage Kings “Total Domination” which will be held live at the Horseshoe Riverdome in Bossier City, LA.
The former Ring Rulers Ark-La-Tex middleweight champion who made his debut at the Riverdome in the summer of 2008, made a big splash with the fight fans as he ended the fight and night with just one punch and two seconds in the first round sending his opponent Ryan Chavarria out of the arena on a stretcher.
Now he returns and expects nothing less than brutality, and in this exclusive interview, Cale speaks out on his return, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.: Well brother, you will be battling in the main event this Friday night at Bossier City, LA for Cage Kings, your thoughts?
Cale Grady:
Man I am excited, I have a whole new team that I am working with for this fight as far as my cardio goes, it is going good, I feel that I am in the best shape of my life. I am definitely ready to be the main event, I have been working hard, and I have been in camp for about three months. I am excited; I got cut last year training, so it will have been eight months off by the time I climb back in the cage, so I am excited.
BH: I remember your debut, you stopped your opponent with one punch in two seconds of the first round, a very gruesome knock out. What was running through your mind when you seen what was going down with this cat being down and out and the paramedics attending to him?
Well, I was just wondering if he was going to be alright, but I was also excited, I did not realize that I knocked him out that quick.
BH: I know right before the fight you two were in each others face sounding off, what were you guys saying to one another?
Really man not as much as it looked like, he said a couple of things, nothing real bad, but right before we broke he said good luck, and the ref was like that is good sportsmanship. It was mostly show but we were both definitely ready to fight.
BH: You are the main event coming for Cage Kings third installment of their fight series, I mean in my opinion these guys put on a great show and here you are the main event, what does it mean to you to be just that, the main event?
I look at it as an honor, I am not even from Louisiana, but I am excited to put on a good show for the crowd. I always have to fight their hometown guys, but I guess they don’t hate me to much.
BH: You are fighting Chad, who all though is a native of Oklahoma, he now resides in Shreveport; you know anything about your opponent?
No man, I do not even know if he is right handed or left handed, I have just been training to take him out of his game and beat him. I am not really worried about what he has to bring, I think he is a wrestler, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t care what he is good at.

BH: You have no tape on the guy so you know nothing about him, how do you prepare for a fight when you know nothing about your opponent?
I don’t like looking at video anyway of people that I am fighting, I do not like getting my mind strung in one direction. It is the MMA, I try to go in there with a free mind and be ready for everything. I work on all of it, so no matter where it goes I will be comfortable, that way it does not matter what he does.
BH: What can the fight fans expect from the “Game” come fight n ight?
Like always, there is going to be fire works, either I am going to whip his ass our he is going to whip mine, but it is going to be fun to watch. I push the pace, I don’t like standing around trying to size one another up, and when that bell rings he is going to know that he has a fight on his hands. He can try to do what he wants but I know what is going to happen, my hand is going to be raised at the end of the fight, and he will be f-cking laying there holding his face or something.
BH: Any advice that you would give to your opponent before the fight?
He better hope that is has been training as hard as I have.

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