Travis Walker Interview: “I’m Back Baby!”
By Benny Henderson Jr. (March 18, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Heavyweight contender Travis Walker 34-3-1 (28) is ready to prove to the fight world that the “Freight Train” is back in motion toward a heavyweight a heavyweight title, all though the train was derailed, Walker is chugging back along and his next stop will be in Germany when he takes on the once beaten Jonathan Banks 23-1 (16) for the vacant NABF Heavyweight title.

In Walker’s quest to prove that he is the best, the hard hitter has fought the likes if Jason Estrada, Chris Arreola and Manuel Quezada, all though the thirty year old has had a few set backs, the Floridian born boxer has his sights set back on getting back in the win column.

In this exclusive interview, Travis Walker speaks out on his upcoming fight, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr. : You are going to be fighting Jonathan Banks on the under card of the Klitschko vs. Chambers title bout, your thoughts on your fight?

Travis Walker: 
I feel good about the fight, I have been training hard, working hard and now I have to take it out on somebody. (Laughs)

BH : You have a new trainer in Willie Perkins, how is that working out for you?

 Man it is going real good, you know I moved to Atlanta, as soon as I moved I got in the gym with him, man he has showed me so much new stuff that is so simple, he makes it so easy. It is simple, but it makes me so much of a better fighter. He has helped me work on my feet, my jab and keeping my defense up, I look like a totally different fighter.

BH: You are taking on Jonathan Banks, what are your thoughts on this guy?

He moves real well, so we worked on that, which is the best thing with him, just stay busy and keep the jab high because he comes with the right hand. We will keep the jab popping, and keep him guessing.

BH: You are getting back in the mix, you have some wins under your belt since the loss to Quezada, and how important is this fight to you?

This fight will make me or break me man. That’s how important it is.

BH: Your thoughts on fighting over in Germany for the first time?

 I actually like it, it gives me more of a chance to get more fans, hopefully they will like me so I can fight again over there, and I want to fight everywhere.

BH: You are fighting on the under card of the Klitschko vs. Chambers title bout, your thoughts and predictions on that fight?

I really don’t know what to say, Eddie Chambers is always shocking me, Eddie has a lot of movement, but I also know that Chambers have never been hit that hard.

BH: You fought Chris Arreola, who is fighting Tomasz Adamek, Adamek beat Banks, whom you are fight, like a little circle, anyway your thoughts on the Adamek vs. Arreola bout?

I am going to have to stick to Arreola on this one.

BH: What are we going to see different this time around with Travis Walker?

Boxing, I always went into a fight trying to knock a guy out, now I am going to box, and if the knock out comes then it comes. I am a lot more relaxed, I know how to stay calm.

BH: Your thoughts on the heavyweight division and where Travis Walker is in the mix?

I still feel I am in the mix, in fact I know I am still in the mix and with this fight I will prove it. And then after this one I will just keep on proving it.

BH: Any message you want to send out to Jonathan Banks?

 Be ready for a real fight. You want to move up to heavyweight, then you are fighting a real heavyweight.

BH: Anything in closing?

I’m back baby!

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