Chad Leonhart: “I don’t fear Grady’s power, I want to stand and trade!”
By Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Mar 19, 2009)  
Oklahoma native, and now Shreveport, LA, resident the “Boss” Chad Leonhart (1-1) looks to put on an exciting show for his hometown fans this Friday night when he steps in with the undefeated Cale Grady 1-0 (1) as the main event on Cage King’s “Total Domination” at the Horseshoe Riverdome in Bossier City, LA.
Hailing from Oklahoma, the twenty-nine year old flourished as a wrestler compiling up a (9-2) amateur record, and the “Boss” aims to garner his second win as a pro when he takes on the power punching Cale Grady, a fight that Leonhart demands will end quickly. In this exclusive interview we get Chad’s thoughts on his upcoming throw down and what the fans can expect, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the big fight coming up this Friday night against Cale Grady; give the readers your thoughts.
Chad Leonhart:
I feel fine, he has that two second knockout, of course he got knocked out too, but it will be a good fight, I think he is going to stand up with me and trade some good punches, it will be a good show for everybody to watch. I think it is going to end quick, I don’t think he (Cale Grady) has that much power, the last guy he fought was kind of a scrub off the street. But I think it will be a good fight, he is strong and knows what he is doing. I think we are going to stand and fight and put on a good show.
BH: All though you were not born and raised in Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, you have been there the past six years so you are actually the hometown guy, any anxieties coming in fighting in front of the hometown crowd, or does it boast your confidence?  
It does not bother me either way, I definitely like it because I can sit around the house, it is more comfortable being in front of all my friends. It gives me the advantage though being able to sit around the house going about my normal day, he has to come in and get out of his element. I like putting on a good show, I think I have a pretty good backing here, I don’t have any jitters about fighting here. Shreveport is a good place to fight, they know what they are looking at and know what they are watching.
BH: For the ones who may not have seen you fight, what is your style, as far as your good assets and such?
I am a wrestler, I have been most of my life, wrestling is everything in Oklahoma, I have real good hands though and real good power, I like to keep it on my feet, but if we go to the ground I will use my wrestling. I want to stand up and I want to knock you out, I want to please the crowd and that is what they want to see, I would like to stand and trade punches.
BH: You brought up the fact that Cale Grady ended his first fight in two seconds, and pretty much fought a scrub, you know scrub or no scrub he has to have some power to end it in such dramatic fashion.
He has power but I don’t fear his power, he has fought two guys out of my camp, one he beat the tar our of one of them and ended up getting hit in the chin and he was done. Like I said he got hit on the chin he won in two seconds, if you watch it on You Tube, he was out as well, but he definitely has power, he throws his punches straight most of the time, but I do not fear his power as far as that goes. They both knocked each other out with the first punch, he just got up first.
BH: What can the fight fans expect from the “Boss” come fight night?
Expect a good exciting fight, fast pace, and expect a knock out, we will find out. I think it will be quick.
BH: Any message you would like to send out to your opponent Cale Grady?
Nothing other than I respect you, and bring your best because I am going to bring my best and let’s put on a good show.

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