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By Benny Henderson Jr. (March 19, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Undefeated welterweight prospect Karim Mayfield 11-0-1 (7) is aiming to make his mark on the division, from a top amateur stand out, to an unbeaten professional prospect, the San Francisco native looks to continue his victorious journey this weekend as he takes on tough veteran Mario Ramos 17-6-1 (3) at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV.

Mayfield has taken great knowledge from being in camps with the likes of Andre Ward, Shane Mosley and Ricky Hatton, and if all goes as planned this weekend, Karim has his sights set on bigger names.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing’s, Benny Henderson Jr. and Bob Carroll, which was aired live on Big Dog Radio, the two get Karim’s thoughts on his upcoming fight as well as his future.

Benny Henderson Jr.: If I am correct you have been training with Virgil Hunter in the Andre Ward camp?

Karim Mayfield: Yes, I am down herein Houston getting ready for my upcoming bout.

BH: How has camp been?

 It is going great; I have gotten a lot of great sparring down here.

BH: I know the climate changes drastically from California to Houston, Texas, it is very humid down south, how have you handed the change in weather?

 I have trained down here before, but training in different climates is something you have to get used too, it is like fighting in the ring, you have to get comfortable in being uncomfortable.

Bob Carroll: What is the biggest difference you have seen from being in the amateurs now in the pros?

The difference, a lot of guys are trying to take you out more as in the amateurs you are trying more to just score points, you are getting paid as a pro trying to make ends meet so you definitely have to be more focused and dedicated to the sport and go all out.

BC: Besides the fight coming up, what else are your plans for 2010?

I want to fight for a ranking title, I have beaten some good undefeated prospects already so I want to fight a step up fight, and I am not one to pad my record. I want to be ranked by the end of the year.

BH: For the ones who have not seen you fight, how would you define your style and greatest strengths?

 I was told that my style looks like water, I will adapt to whatever style I am fighting. People say I am unorthodox, to me I am unique, and I definitely have power in both hands.

BC: You are fighting Jason Davis, before your fights, do you actually study tapes of your opponents, and if so what do you know about Jason Davis?

Jason Davis actually got injured so now I am scheduled to fight Mario Ramos, he is a southpaw, and I haven’t fought a southpaw as a pro. Obviously when you go into battle you want to know all about your opponent, but I try not to worry about it. I want them to worry about me.

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