George Tahdooahnippah Interview: “I will prove to the world that I am the Real Deal!”
By Benny Henderson Jr. (March 24, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Undefeated middleweight prospect George Tahdooahnippah 22-0-1 (18) may not be a has hold name, he probably isn’t known throughout the boxing world just yet as a major player, or even hold a ranking, but in due time the Oklahoma born boxer believe he will prove to the world that he is the real deal.

Tahdooahnippah, a Native American from Oklahoma has had nothing but success thus far in his young career, but the fighter known as the “Comanche Boy”, wants to prove that he is a man amongst the top of the crop in his division.

The heavy hander has eighteen of his twenty-four opponents, twelve of his victims fell in the first round, but all though a minor injury recently sidelined George, he will return to the ring this up coming April, and Tahdooahnippah plans on getting back on the winning track to get to that one fight he needs to garner world wide recognition.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, the young gun speaks out on his career, as well as his future plans, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You were scheduled to fight this past weekend, but due to an injury you were forced to pull out, the question is, how is your injury healing and when can the fans expect you back in the ring?

George Tahdooahnippah:
I got cut in my last fight, and then I was sparring, I thought the cut was fully healed, but it wasn’t. The cut did not fully open up but it bleed a little bit, so if I would have fought this past weekend there could have been a chance that it would have opened up and I have more fights scheduled. So I needed time to heal, and I am in this game to win and to make money and I was afraid it would of set me out longer, so I thought it would be best to take this fight off.

BH: When can the fight world expect you back in the ring?

Either April 8th or the 10th in California, I am really excited about that, then if it all goes well fight again in May, we will just have to see how it goes. After that, I would like to fight again in either June or July, I want to build my record and gain that experience. I have come to the point in my career that it is time to take that big test, and let’s see what happens. But I have faith that I will win, I train so hard and so long I want that next step, that next level, train harder and get more fights.

BH: You are native American with a bit of German, so that is a double dose of kick ass (we both laugh), there are not a lot of native American boxers that I can think of besides Joe Hipp, so how fulfilling is it to be native American and bring your heritage to the ring?

People have seen Native Americans, but not a lot of athletes seem like people have stayed away and say, maybe they are not focused, maybe they are just addicted to alcohol, not many have succeeded. The last great Native American athlete was Jim Thorpe, so with my belief and with my talents I believe that I have something that nobody has seen before, and I am going to show the people, and that is my drive. They have never seen an Indian kid like this. Like I said I want that test this summer so people can see it.

BH: You said it yourself, not many have seen you fight, so for the ones who haven’t seen you fight, what is you style?

Well, I am a power puncher, a lot of people think that I am just a power puncher, but I am a very adaptable fighter, if I have to stay in the pocket or out of the pocket, whatever I have to do I will do. I fight to win, and whatever I have to do to win I will do, if I have to be a pressure fighter or a defensive fighter like Floyd Mayweather, that is what I will do. I do want to knock people out, people like to see that, I am going to go in there and do what I have to do, I am going to mix it up and if I see blood I am going in for the kill.

BH: Any message you would like to send out to the fight world?

Hey don’t be surprised, people don’t expect me to win, people say ah he is just a Native American, it is stacked against me and I like it that way. So don’t be surprised because I am going to shock somebody with my power and I am going to win. Then the doors will open up and people will pay attention to what this Native American can bring. They will say look what he can do to Kelly Pavlik, who whomever, I am not calling him out, I just said his name, but whomever, I don’t care, I will prove to the world that I am the real deal.

I would like to thank Amy Green for setting up this interview, and a thanks goes out to George for his time and thoughts.

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