Timothy Bradley: “I am ready to drop bombs on Kendall Holt!”
By Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (April 1, 2009) Photo © Tom Casino /SHOWTIME  
This Saturday night from the Bell Centre in Montreal, CA, to be televised live on Showtime 10:45 PM ET/PT, two warriors clash in a 140-pound unification bout as the WBC’s undefeated titleholder Timothy Bradley 23-0 (11) takes on the WBO’s titlist Kendall Holt 25-2 (13) in a scheduled twelve round championship match-up.

Bradley, who goes by the alias of “Desert Storm” has shot down the likes of Edner Cherry (UD), Junior Witter (SD) and Miguel Vazquez (UD) in keeping his record intact. And although the twenty-five year old born again Christian
fighter does not tote the fighting experience his opponent may have, he does plan on making his record a perfect twenty-four consecutive wins.

In this exclusive interview conducted but Doghouse Boxing, Bradley speaks out on his upcoming fight. Enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey my brother, first off I would just like to say thank you for stepping back in the Doghouse, now, just days away from your big 140-pound showdown against Kendall Holt. What is running through your mind?

Timothy Bradley:
Ah, thank you I appreciate it man, without you guys fighters cannot get exposure. I appreciate it. I am just real anxious to get in there, my weight is good and I am feeling great. I am focused, ready to go and have a lot of energy and ready to fight, just ready to fight.

BH: How was your camp, and what steps did you take in trying to secure yourself in remaining undefeated?

Once again my conditioning, my conditioning is going to be a big part of this game. a lot of guys who are own top like Manny and Hatton they have that world class conditioning where they can do anything they want in the ring. They throw a lot of punches with a lot of heart, and I want to do that so I basically took my conditioning to the next level. I am ready to work man, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to win the fight. If it goes twelve rounds, I will go twelve hard rounds, I am ready for whatever it takes.

BH: How do you size one another up as far as styles, weaknesses and strengths are concerned?

His style is kind of like mine, the witty style, real efficient counter puncher, he has a lot of speed and he follows that with power. Same thing with me I like to counter, it may start off like a slow start but somebody will have to take charge, and I think I am going to be that guy who is going to step up and make it a fight. It will be an explosive fight if he tries the same thing. But I am just waiting to see which Kendall Holt comes out, we have seen differences in Holt and I am kind of curious to see which Holt comes out. Is he going to fight me aggressively like he fought Hopkins or is he going to lay back like he did against Tackie, I am curious to what he is going to do and I am jacked up for that.

BH: I would not call them harsh words, but you to did have a few words in the press conferences, is that just pre fight hoopla to sell the show, or just be brutally honest, what do you think of Kendall Holt as a person and a fighter?

I think Kendall has a good heart, but you know he is just a competitive guy, in this sport you have fighters’ who believe in all their abilities, and he probably see weaknesses in my arsenal and my game, and he think he is going to be able to capitalize on it. I do not take anything away form him, I think he is a good fighter and has a good heart. But it is all part of the game. With him being in the game longer he probably thinks he is going to take me out of my element. I am not really worried about what he is saying, or planning on doing, but it is a different story when you get in the ring.

BH: What can the fans expect out of Timothy Bradley come fight night?

A highly motivated hungry fighter that is here to win, I am here to win, I am not going to lay down for anybody, if I am going to go out then I am going to go out swinging. I am not going to go out and lay down, I am going to go out swinging and gunning and the fans should expect a lot of fireworks.

BH: Any message you would like to shoot out to Kendall Holt using Doghouse Boxing as a platform?

Hum…you know what, I am ready, that is pretty much it, I am ready and I am ready to drop bombs on him.

BH: Anything in closing?

To all my fans out there, I love you guys, thank you for supporting me, I love the support and love that they give me. I am the least experienced guy in this fight, but is seems like the fans are leaning towards me in this fight, that tells me that they believe in me and I want to thank them for that. That motivates me to perform up to my highest level. I want to thank Doghouse Boxing for putting me on once again, and thanks to my promoters, and my family.

Writer’s Note: I would like to thank Timothy for his time and thoughts, and a special thanks goes out to all the ones who make this interview possible.

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