John Carlo; Now I know why they call him "Chicken Bowe."
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (April 6, 2005)  
John Carlo
Recently we interviewed John Carlo at DoghouseBoxing. John who never holds back any punches called out Riddick Bowe in that Interview, and after our Interview aired an offer was made from The Bowe camp to John Carlo. Although this would have been a great fight for all fans and decent challenge for Bowe, the fight did not materialize. We decided to catch up with John Carlo and see what happened to this fight? John Carlo true to form held back no punches and dropped a few haymakers as he told us his side of the story. Read on and find out just what happened...

Benny Henderson: John Carlo I see you pulled out of the fight with Riddick Bowe, I know you wanted this fight what happened?

John Carlo:
Well I finally got offered the fight, but they offered me a measly $3,000. Well as you know I wanted a piece of the "Big Daddy" Bowe, so I told promoter Ed Mendy to come up with $5,000 and I'll do it. Well they ended up sending me a contract for $4,000 like I forgot what we agreed on! So I said frig it! $5,000 was way too little anyway and to bring back the contract with the offer of $4,000 was an insult the more I thought about it. Now I know why they call him "Chicken Bowe."

Fighting an Ex world champion and Silver Gold medalist from the Olympics for only $5,000 was selling myself short and if I didn't want to fight him so bad I would of never even entertained the idea. After they sent me a contract for $4,000 I decided I'll wait for a real promoter's offer to fight with Riddick. Realistically if Riddick's name is all that, then $20,000 for my time should be reasonable. That is low as it is! Well maybe when you dodge fighters like Lennox Lewis and throw away your belt into a trash can, then you have no dignity. So for Bowe's people to offer me a measly $4000, then Bowe might as well stay at the bottom of the Trash can. And his people should exit the sport and make room for what I consider are real promoters and Boxers who are willing to give an honest days pay in a dangerous sport. $4000 dollars is the Bottom of a Garbage Can...and the Bottom of a Garbage can is where Bowe likes to keep his name.

Boxing is a dangerous sport and fighting an ex champ like Riddick Bowe for only $5,000 is already way under value.

BH: Do you think after seeing your record Bowe and his team felt you might be to much of a risk in his comeback attempt?

I don't think my record would scare anyone who is a real boxer like myself. I felt offering me $4,000 to fight they must think I am a broke ass or a dumbass. $4,000 isn't worth me leaving town , rescheduling work, pushing back classes.

BH: What do you think of Riddick's skills these days?

I've see Bowe fight and I spar with a must faster stronger fighter Zuri Lawrence. I know one thing I am not slow Marcus Rhode scared to throw a punch, I will hit Bowe fast and hard and beat him around the ring like a dirty rag.

BH: What do you say to critics who say if you feel so confident why not fight Bowe for free and kick his ass back into retirement?

Why not fight him for free? Yeah I can take off for 2 weeks just for press conference crap and building up some clown promoter's card! If I had no life, yeah then maybe I'd fight "Chicken" Bowe for free. I got nothing better to do, would these critics fight him for free also?! WTF !! I thought this was pro boxing and
fighting Bowe for $5,000 is showing I have confidence and I was willing to take a chance. Sure after beating him for only $5,000 that would get me a huge payday down the line... but when it came back as $4,000 I already was thinking $5,000 was taking a big chance against a big quality heavyweight on the assumption I was going to win and make paydays down the road. Everyone around me said you are getting under paid regardless and not to do it.

BH:  Are you disappointed you won't be fighting Riddick on March 25th?

J.C.: At first I was, but after talking to my new manager Stacey Goodson, He told me I should get some tune up fights first and start getting rounds in and then step up to guys like Riddick in 3, 4 fights if the price was right.

BH: You are 43 and not getting any younger. Your life is good, so why keep fighting?

At 43 I have plenty of fights in me. I spar and lift everyday, but at 43 if I am going to step into the ring then I need to get paid to fight. I make $100 an hour for giving personal boxing and fitness trainings... I don't need to get punched for free or ripped off.

BH: What is in your future now?

J.C.: Well I Just signed with a up and coming manager Stacey Goodson. I have heard great things about him. He is from Arkansas, he has big stable and has been getting his fighters TV exposure. He told me he could get me fights, keep me busy, get me active again so I'll be able to tackle some bigger names out there. I think this is good advice and Stacey has proven himself to be a stand up guy, so I signed on board.

BH: Will we see you in action anytime soon?

J.C.: My new manager is starting to set dates as we speak

BH: I hear your instructional self-defense boxing DVD is out, can you tell us a little about it?

J.C.: Yes we just finished it and it is up for sale at

Our DVD is for the average person and martial artist who wants to learn how to box for self-defense purposes and sport MMA. It is a great DVD for martial artists of all styles who want to cross train with much needed boxing techniques. It is the ultimate boxing tape when it comes to reality self-defense training. It is the only boxing tape I know that shows how to use boxing in the street or against other martial art styles in Mixed martial art contests. It is also great for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who want to supplement their ground game with a strong stand up game

Boxing as everyone knows differs from fist fighting, and this gives students the "how to" and "what not to do" when it comes to mixed martial arts, NHB fighting.

BH:  What else are you doing to keep busy?

I have been working at World Gym in New York, doing personal fitness training and one on one boxing lessons. It is a great time, good work and pays well. My boxing training has been going real good and I've been getting some good sparring in with Heavyweight prospect Zuni Lawrence and NHB/BJJ fighter Big John Incledon.

BH: I hear Big Lou Savarese is making a comeback. I understand he is from your neck of the woods. Would you like to fight him?

J.C.: Yes, Lou Savarese was brought up not far from me. I used to see him at amateur shows in New York back in the 80's. I have a lot of respect for Big Lou, he is a good fighter and a great guy, but I would love to fight him and beat his ass back into retirement.

BH: Thanks for speaking with us John.

J.C.: No problem and Thanks to DoghouseBoxing and the strong support I've been getting from the Readers at DoghouseBoxing.

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