Brian Minto: “I am ready for a big fight!”
By Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (April 7, 2009)  
Heavyweight contender Brian Minto 32-2 (21) returns to the ring in his hometown of Butler, PA, April 17th to take on the St. Louis slugger Matthew Greer 12-4 (11) in an effort to stay busy in his climb up the heavyweight ladder, a third consecutive time to fight around his stomping grounds. Minto, who is ranked #15 in the WBA and #10 in the WBO, is looking for the big fight, but until then will do what he has to do to stay alive in the fight game.

The WBA Fedecentro heavyweight titlist has won five consecutive bouts via knock out, four has ended
in the opening round, and the “Beast” who takes on the “Gator” is not over looking his opponent, but strongly declares, “I am ready for a big fight!”

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Minto speaks out on his upcoming bout, as well as the heavyweight division, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have a fight coming up April 17th against Matthew Greer, the rumor has it he said he was going to knock you out, is that true?

Brian Minto:
He said something to that effect, he said he was coming straight at me and going to turn it into a brawl and he said if he hits me with his right hand he was going to finish up early.

BH: What are your thoughts on his comments?

He is getting his butt kicked. I want a tough fight but I think once I hit him he will fall asleep.

BH: Why fight a guy such as Matt Greer?

You know why, we have a little venue that seats around a thousand people and we are working with a budget. Matt is a reasonable guy coming in with the budget and he is tough. I mean you cannot bring in world class guys when you are working with a small budget, so, he has a winning record and I need to keep busy. I tried to get a fight with Chris Areola but they would rather resurrect Jameel McCline from the dead and fight him. So I am doing what I have to do to fight, it is like I am black balled from boxing, I don’t have a promoter so I am basically floating by myself. I actually did get a phone call from Klitschko’s camp when David Haye was not coming around so that was a good sign. They were thinking of me and they said it made sense for him to defend his WBO title against me. The plane ticket was bought for me but that doesn’t change who is in front of me now I don’t look past anybody. I am ready to go.

BH: You are promoting as well as fighting, you have ticket sales on your mind, you have friends calling you wanting favors, you have to make sure you fill the seats.

I really don’t let people bother me, I have people working for me who takes care of everything that needs to be done so I do not really deal with it except for writing the checks.

BH: Do you get tired, and I am not trying to be rude, but it seems like you are having to fight just anybody to keep busy when you are getting surpassed by guys like Jameel McCline, Oleg Maskaev may get another shot, David Haye only has two fights as a heavyweight and he is getting a shot. Does that get aggravating?

It does frustrate me a little bit, they want to bring me in to France to fight a guy for nothing, why would I go and chance losing a bad decision as well as my ranking for nothing.

BH: So you are saying that you…(Brian breaks into question)

You know I want the fighters who are above me in the division to where I can benefit from that. Like me fighting Kevin Johnson, he is on the outside looking in, he is about the same as me. But I think I am actually closer, because if I get a call to fight Klitschko I think I am more marketable overseas than Johnson would be. You look at the other guys getting these opportunities because they are threatening to sue the commission, like Ruiz is coming back, I mean much greedier can you be. Take your money and do something with it, you keep coming back, it is just ridiculous how these guys keep getting chances. And that is just not for me, I mean what about the guys who are ranked no getting the chance? It is a joke. I think the heavyweight division is in shambles right now.

BH: Why?

Because you look at the guys they keep bringing back, how many times can you recycle Andrew Golota, Jameel McCline, John Ruiz, whose next, they may bring Tony Tucker back, it is getting ridiculous, I call that greed.

BH: You say these guys are suing, why don’t you take that step to get that big fight?

I am trying to, what do I need to do, I called out Arreola to fight me, never heard back from them, I am trying to run my mouth which I rarely ever do. It is tough to get a fight. I guess some of it is because I am not signed with a promoter, but I think if I can get it on my own I am better off. SO I am still trying, it is good to know that I am getting calls to fight Klitschko, I think once it all pans out probably by next fight, who knows what is going to happen. If Haye beats Wladimir they will get a rematch, Vitali wants Valuev, Valuev don’t want no part of that. When you have four belts it makes it harder, nobody wants to take that chance.

BH: What does Brian Minto mean to the heavyweight division?

I think I am a positive player in the heavyweight division. I am a white American, how many white Americans are in the top ten now? I am an exciting fighter, I could of gave more then Rahman in the Klitschko fight, he came in to get a big payday and laid down.

BH: If you could say anything to the fight world concerning you and the titleholders, what would you say?

Why would you want to fight a 5’11” 215-pound white heavyweight? Bring it on, I’ll slap them around. I am ready for a big fight, that is all I am saying.

BH: Anything in closing?

I am going to slap the ‘Big Dog’ in the mouth! (Laughs) No, I would like to thank all my fans and friends out there.

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