Calvin Brock speaks out on latest victory and what the future may hold
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (May 3, 2005)  
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Heavyweight contender Calvin Brock, 25-0 (20), is posed for the top, and with his recent unanimous decision victory over the big man Jameel McCline on ESPN’s first ever PPV clash it would appear that the thirty year old would be set to get his due. In front of the Caesars Palace crowd in Las Vegas, NV the ‘Boxing Banker’ banged with the longtime contender for ten rounds, tasting the canvas for the first time in his four-year career. Brock came off of the canvas to punish McCline for the knockdown and went on to get the nod for the very much-deserved victory.

After competing in a highly decorated amateur career Brock has made his mark on the division beating the likes of Jim Strohl (TKO 1), Terry Smith (UD), Clifford Etienne (TKO 3) and most recently Jameel McCline. The power-punching heavyweight looks to continue his wining ways in hopes of a championship match-up in the near future. Brock has passed the test and has evolved from a prospect to a solid contender and hopes to gain the champion status as soon as possible. The heavy hitting heavyweight stopped by the Doghouse to give his thoughts on his latest victory and what the future holds for him, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Congratulations on your hard fought victory over McCline, give us your thoughts.

Calvin Brock:
Well, it was a big victory for me and it was pivotal for both of our careers, it was pivotal for him because he had lost his last fight and for him to get back to championship contention he needed to win that boxing match. If I would have lost we would have been on about the same level, it wouldn’t had hurt me much but it wouldn’t have increased my career either. It advanced my career, I was very happy with my win, thank God for my performance and all the favor.

BH: You stated before the fight that you would win and win impressively, you apparently made a strong statement with this win, but in your opinion what do you feel this fight said about Calvin Brock?

This fight said everything great about me, it showed that I can box on the outside or on the inside. I know how to take a big challenge in with somebody who was ranked above me. Going in as the underdog I showed that I got a chin because I took a lot of heavy punches. I showed that I got a lot of heart because I got up off the canvas and came back and won that round pretty much and still won the boxing match. I showed that I am the true heavyweight champion of the world.

BH: In the seventh round you tasted the canvas for the first time, was there any panic at anytime being down?

There was no panic at all, soon as my back hit the canvas I was all right, I wasn’t dizzy, I wasn’t dazed. It was a good shot that knocked my senses out just for the time that he knocked me down but all my senses came back because I was in great shape. It was no big deal that is a part of boxing it kind of hurt my pride being put down giving him the satisfaction of putting me down. But I got up and brought the pain to him.

BH: You beat a guy who is a very formidable fighter, he has a name and was a very big step, how does it feel to move up closer to the dream that you have been wanting?

It feels great to be taking a step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming champion of the world, I’m a step closer in the top ten and anybody in the top ten can get a title shot at any time. I’m definitely in contention now for the title, and I look forward to boxing again in either June or July and again in November on ESPN Pay Per View.

BH: If it was totally up to you who would you face next, who would be the pick of the litter and why?

If I had pick of the litter I would take on Vitali Klitschko next because he is the one considered the heavyweight champion, and it would erase any doubts that Calvin Brock is the champ of the world after I beat Klitschko. It all comes down to however God wants to lead my career; I put my career in God’s hands and however he chooses to bless me then he will bless me to win whatever title he has for me first.

BH: What are your thoughts on Jameel now that you have fought him?

Well first I want to thank Jameel for taking that challenge against me because he didn’t have too, he had the heart to get into the ring and put everything he had on the line. He is a good boxer, a lot better than I thought he was, he is good athlete and had good punching power and in good speed in excellent condition. I think that I beat the best Jameel McCline that has ever stepped in the ring before, better than when Chris Byrd fought him or anybody else when they fought him. I beat the best Jameel McCline and Jameel is still a great boxer and he can definitely climb back into the top ten and probably challenge for a title again.

BH: Let’s say the elite in the heavyweight division was reading this, what exactly would you say?

I would say that the day any titleholder steps in the ring with me their season as titleholder would have come and gone and the world would get the truth that I am the truth that the world deserves.

BH: Is there anything you would like to say to the fans or anything else in closing?

All I want to say to the fans is that Calvin Brock is your true heavyweight champion of the world.

I want to thank Calvin Brock for his time and thoughts for the Doghouse readers, it is greatly appreciated.
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