Jose Celaya: Rejuvenated, rededicated, and ready to make a strong statement
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (May 12, 2005)  
Jose Celaya
He’s new and improved, hungry and determined and ready to set a blaze to the welterweight division and the flame will ignite this Friday May 13th when slick southpaw Jose Celaya, 26-2 (15), steps in with undefeated James Webb, 17-0 (14), in an all out war that will be featured on ESPN 2 Friday Night Fights. The former NABO welterweight champion has come on strong in his last four bouts since dropping to Eduardo Sanchez mid summer of ’04, and since taking on new trainer John Bray the heavy handed lefty has stopped all four of his opponents by knockout.

The twenty-three year old California native has reinvented and rededicated himself to the ‘sweet science’ and under the tutelage of John Bray he has come into his own and is more than ready for Webb, or any other opponent for that matter. Jose is looking to make his mark on the division and leave an everlasting impression with his slick style and devastating power. Jose stopped by the Doghouse to shoptalk and gave his thoughts on this weekend’s bout and his bright future in the sport, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have fought three times since we last spoke so I just want to say congratulations on your last three victories. Do you feel that you are finally back, or is this fight against James Webb the proof in the pudding you need to feel like you are?

Jose Celaya:
Thank you, I am back on the hunt and all I can say is that I am well prepared or May 13th and I am going to go out there and get this W.

BH: Is there anything in specific that you and trainer John Bray have been working on for this match-up?

Not really. We have just been working on the fundamentals, head movement and putting in some good rounds and working hard everyday.

BH: What are your thoughts on your opponent James Webb?

I can’t take anything away from the guy he is 17-0 with 14 KO’s so I am in great shape and I am going to go in there and box.

BH: What type of fight are you expecting from James?

I know he is a brawler and he comes in throwing a hundred punches per round. I know he is in great shape but I don’t know what kind of game plan he’s going to have for me but he better bring his A-game that night.

BH: You will be facing a guy who is well known for his power who has knocked out his last four opponents. With you coming in here with a guy who has knocked out so many opponents are you prepared mentally?

I am prepared for anybody, mentally, physically, like I said I am more than prepared for this fight.

BH: How do you prepare for a fight mentally?

Well it is a ten round fight and to me a ten round fight is nothing, I train forty or fifty rounds a day so mentally I am strong and I have had some quality sparring.

BH: What are your best qualities as a fighter?

I throw quick jabs.

BH: What have you learned about yourself and the world of boxing the last five years?

That I have every tool to beat any guy, I have two losses because I wasn’t working hard in the gym and that was because I wasn’t being faithful to Jesus Christ, with me being faith to Jesus Christ now that has enabled me to really dedicate myself to the sport. I train hard.

BH: Not to overlook James, but what are some other match-ups you would also like to be a part of in the near future?

I take one fight at a time so I am not really sure, whoever is there I will fight.

BH: Any predictions for this bout?

All I will say is that they will see a better Jose Celaya May 13th.

BH: Is there anything you want to add or say in closing?

I just want to thank all of my supporters.

I want to thank Mario Serrano for his help on this interview, and a very special thanks to Jose for his time. For more info on Jose Celaya he welcomes you to visit:

Jose is a Fighter of Faith.
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