Why is Sumya Anani so feared?
Open letter from the ‘Island Girl’
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (May 20, 2005)  
Sumya Anani
In a perfect world professional boxers would battle it out against opponents that are good for the sport and not just good for their record, not padding their entire career with ‘tomato cans’ just to ensure their empty dominance over less than formidable opposition. Also, boxing wouldn’t just be about money but more about the ‘sweet science’ and entertaining the fans. But this isn’t a perfect world, and no it isn’t about what is best for boxing but what is best for the fighter’s legacy and pocket book. Dodging and ducking fighters that could very well put a stop to your growing legacy and money making wagon is what the boxing world and fans have become accustomed too. Why would you face an opponent whose name isn’t a major draw and poses a threat to yourself when you can use your name, which was built on out classed opposition? What about the ones who isn’t the major draw, not because of the lack of entertainment, or spark in their performance, but for the fact they can’t get the exposure due to marketing, promoting, there dad wasn’t a famous fighter, or for the ones who was so blessed with exposure won’t give them a shot, yes boxing is political. But what about the fear factor, maybe they can’t get their due because they are feared.

So is the case with Sumya Anani.

The ‘Island Girl’ demonstrates her vicious style in the ring dominating her opposition with her unrelenting onslaught of punishment, throwing a slew of combinations and administering her skill and ability to box and proving her self to be dangerous to any fighter. Is that why she can’t get the big fights, exactly. Truth is Sumya has called out and offered challenges to the leading ladies in boxing, not one has answered the call. For instance, Lucia Rijker, who Anani calls “an artful dodger with a padded record, and no professional pride.” Sumya called out the undefeated fighter on several occasions without response, even stepped in for the injured Rijker on the under card of the Vitali Klitschko versus Corrie Sanders bout on five days notice and defeated her opponent, then called out Lucia and once again, no response. Instead Rijker calls out the “money fights”, she wants Ali, then finally gets Martin, but the funny thing about this is Martin would have fought Rijker years ago but it wasn’t good for her, so now Lucia will fight Martin who surely isn’t the same fighter she was back then, a fight that would have been good eight years ago.

In 1998 and only in her second year as a professional Anani stepped in with “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” and hands down defeated Martin, who was in her prime, so why didn’t Rijker call her out then when she was screaming that she was the best P4P lady fighter, simple, Rijker is scared of Anani. Maybe Rijker will wait until Sumya is out of her prime or can bring in a massive payday and then face her since that seems to be her fighting strategy. Months back when Rijker was in studio guest on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights she was asked who she wanted to fight, not once did she mention the name Sumya Anani, it’s all about the Benjamin’s, forget legitimate competition.

Sumya stepped into the professional ranks in the late summer of 1996, her first year as a pro she fought the usual suspects building her record and gaining experience. The most unforgettable bout was a fourth round TKO over Katherine Dallan, the lady fighter who was the inspiration for the Million Dollar Baby. Dallan suffered brain damage in this bout, which some partly blame a car accident a day prior before the fight she was in, but went undetected till the fight. The biggest fight Sumya had was against Stacey Prestage who was (8-3-3) at the time they met in the ring. Sumya won with a fourth round KO, stopping a fighter who never had been stopped before. Three fights later she would face Andrea DeShong (14-7-1), the first girl ever to beat Christy Martin, Sumya won with a six round (UD). December of ’98 the (11-0) Anani traveled to the then (36-1-2) Christy Martin’s home state of Florida and battled out in one of her best fights to date, defeating Martin with a (10 R. MD). All though she hands down defeated Martin she never gain recognition for the victory. Since the Martin victory Sumya has fought in fifteen bouts and has only dropped one, but avenged that loss one year later. In her quest to be the best she has compiled a 25-1-1- (10 KOs) record and has become a four-time World champion wining such titles as the IBA Lightweight, GBU Welterweight, WIBA Light Welterweight, and the IBA Welterweight titles. Her notable victories are over Christy Martin (10R. MD), Jane Couch (4r. TKO), Fredia Gibbs (1R, TKO), and recently over Belinda Laracuente in a ten round (UD). So with a very note worthy record why doesn’t the division’s top elite (so they claim) wants to accept a fight with Sumya, once again, they are afraid!

Sumya’s open challenges has been well documented for the public to see, she isn’t afraid to fight anybody, she accepts any challenge and will travel to their hometown to do so. http://www.womenboxing.com/news082004ananichallenge.htm

Sumya challenged Lucia Rijker and even said she would give her entire purse to charity, which would be given to Katherine Dallan, the “Real” Million Dollar baby. Fact is these fighters will not fight Sumya, not only does she poses a threat to their reputation or records but to their careers as well. She is the P4P best fighter, and she will prove it. She has called out many and will face any! If Women’s boxing is going to continue and become a legitimized sport instead of being looked down on, ladies, it is time to step up. If you really care that this sport will succeed you need to step up to the plate and fight, not outclassed overmatched opposition, but fighters, and Sumya is ready. Sumya

Here is the open letter from Sumya regarding the Rijker-Martin match-up:

"Rijker v Martin was the Big Fight for women LAST century. Neither of them have a legitimate title.  This fight will NOT determine who is the best @ 140 or 147.  ALL the rankings support my previous statement!  Rijker `won’ her `title' from a 0-1 girl who is now competing as a super- bantam.  Martin is an over the hill con artist who tries to rip off the public. She has the WORST & BIGGEST LIE on the H/page of her website!!  Its recently been updated to falsely proclaim her as the World 140 lb. Champ from 1989- 2005!!?  NO, it’s not a typo; it’s just an atrocious, audacious LIE!!  Check her record on Boxrec!!  How did she win the title in 1989?  When was the last time she even weighed 140?  When did she last defend her mythical title?  Which demented alphabet bestowed this gift onto her? 
They are BOTH cowardly artful dodgers.  I have called them out publicly on numerous occasions. These Challenges were sent to them, & have appeared on several boxing sites.  No response! 
I then offered to fight Rijker for expenses only, & my purse would be donated to charity.  (June 14, 2004) No response...AGAIN!    My charity was going to be Katie Dallam.  Its ironic that Rijker played the villain in Clint Eastwood's movie `Million Dollar Baby', & subsequently there's been plenty of media speculation that Swank's character was based on the tragedy of Katie's brief boxing career."
Signed, Christy Martin's nemesis that beat Martin in her prime, in her Don King backyard!! WIBA jr. welterweight world champ, ranked #1 IFBA and WBAN rankings!
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