Tim Sylvia Interview: "Pudzianowski is a big hunk of meat, but I plan on doing something big in this fight!"
By Benny Henderson Jr. (May 21, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Przemek Garzarczyk)  
Tonight from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, live on PPV, the former two time UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia (25-6) takes on the five time world strongest man champion Mariusz Pudzianowski (2-0) in the main event of “Moosin: God Of Martial Arts”.

Sylvia (Pictured on the left side of photo), who broke out in the MMA early of 2001, has had great success with his time in the cage, defeating the likes of Wesley Correira (TKO), Ricco Rodriguez (TKO) and Andrei Arlovski two times out of three meetings, earned Sylvia two heavyweight titles in the UFC.

After a major setback with three back to back losses including a first round loss to Fedor Emelainenko and the former WBO heavyweight champion Ray Mercer, Sylvia has revamped his career with a win over the hard hitting Jason Riley and looks to continue his winning ways when he takes on the muscle bound Pudzianowski.

In this exclusive as well as candid interview conducted by Benny and Bob of Big Dog Radio, the two get the thoughts of Sylvia for his fight as well as touching on other topics, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Before we get to the interview I have a quick memory, I remember when you fought Andrei Arlovski in the second fight and lost, you were such a trooper, I remember you still chatting with the fans, taking pictures signing autographs and such. Even in defeat you were so humble to the fans.

Tim Sylvia:
I don’t know where it all went wrong; somewhere along the line they hated me. (Laughs)

BH: You have the fight tonight against Mariusz Pudzianowski, the five time world strongest man champion, he is a big dude…

He is a big hunk of meat.

BH: Yes sir.

He is potentially dangerous, anybody that big can throw some meat around, and you really don’t want to get hit by him.

BH: But at the same time, with him being so big, some people don’t know but muscle and fat both drain a fighter of oxygen. So would you try to take this guy out to deep waters and wear him down?

My fight plan is the same go out there and throw punches and see is he can still stand up from it. Kind of the same thing I do with every fight (Laughs). Obviously I don’t want to get hit by him and avoid the clinch and use my reach.

BH: You broke out in 2001 and became a 2-time UCF champion, how would you define your career this far?

I have pretty much done everything that I wanted to do, I have pretty much done what anybody can ask for. But I still feel great and that I can win another word title. So that is why I am still doing it.

BH: I mean no harm with my next question, but you fought the former WBO heavyweight champion Ray Mercer, and we all know the outcome of that fight, what in the hell happened in that fight?

I listened to him run his mouth and it pissed me off, and I went out there and fought with emotion instead of being smart. I should of went out there and took it to the ground and finished it in 30 seconds, instead, I went out there and tried to stand with him, which is one of the dumbest things a MMA guy can ever do with a boxer. Do not stand toe to toe with a boxer with four once gloves on. (Laughs) What the hell was I thinking.

Bob Carroll: You and I both know that Ray Mercer has always been almost impossible to knock out, and you are right you probably took the wrong tactic to this fight.

Oh absolutely, just look at Kimbo Slice you live and you learn.

BH: Anything else going on in your career?

We work with a lot of vets and such and have a charity.

BH: My nephew Jason just left Carolina and is now in Fort Hood so I respect that.

Hell yes!

BH: I really appreciate that, I really don’t give a shit what people think about the war, or their politics…

Me neither, but don’t disrespect our f*cking troops, the only reason why you can even open your mouth and breathe is because of our troops, so don’t disrespect them!

BH: What do you know about Pudzianowski?

A fight is a fight, I am making more money now then when I fought Rodriguez, so right now this is the fight put in front of me and I am going to take it, I love to compete. People ask me if I would fight in the UFC again, I would love to fight in the UFC again, I think I am still in the top ten all though people don’t think I am (Tim Laughs). If Dana wants to give me a call and a respectable offer than I will be there, but for now I will fight who is put in front of me.

BH: If you could say anything in closing for before the fight tonight, what would you say?

I am looking to do something big! This was a good interview and I appreciate it.

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