Joel Diaz Jr. Interview: “Expect Excitement!”
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (May 31, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Carlos Baeza)
Joel Diaz Jr.
The exciting young hard hitting undefeated super featherweight prospect Joel Diaz Jr. 9-0 (8) will once again take center stage as he goes toe to toe against the battle tested veteran Emmanuel Lucero 26-10-1 (14) when the two face off this Saturday night as the main event for Halquist Productions' “Battle at the Boat 87”. In this exclusive interview, the twenty-year old unblemished one will speak out on his new opponent, his career and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You were set to face Sanchez this upcoming weekend, but now you will be slated to face late replacement Emmanuel Lucero, your thoughts on the change-up?

Joel Diaz Jr.: It’s just part of the game. In my last few fights all of my opponents have changed at the last minute. I’m used to it.

BH: What about the fighting styles, you were in camp for another fighter, but now will be facing another foe, do you feel the last minute replacement will throw you off your game plan a bit?

JD: Since these last minute changes are happening a lot, so I’m always training with different styles. So the changes are not that big of deal. I’m ready to get in the ring with anyone who steps up. I’m confident in my skills to compete with the best.

BH: You are stepping in with a guy who has faced the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Rocky Juarez, Ponce De Leon, losing efforts, but losses to some tough cats. So give the readers your thoughts on your opponent.

JD: Lucero is a tough opponent who has a lot of experience. I know when I step in the ring with him, he’s going to bring something different then what I’ve seen. Fighting a guy like Lucero will only get me better and prepare me for bigger fights down the road. This is a good step up for me.

BH: Your keys to victory?

JD: I’ve been working on a lot of different things in the gym with my trainer Able Sanchez and we are going to fight smart and bring a lot of pressure.

BH: What do you feel separates you from the other fighters in your division?

JD: I’m one of those guys who doesn’t care who I fight. I’ll step in the ring with anyone. A lot of fighters today get brought up soft with handpicked opponents. I’m fighting anyone who comes my way.

BH: What can the fight fans expect from you come fight night?

JD: A lot of excitement and a crowd pleasing style.

BH: What do you feel are your greatest qualities as a fighter?

JD: My will to win and my punching power.

BH: Any message you would like to send out to your upcoming opponent?

JD: Be ready because I’m going to be coming hard!

BH: Anything in closing?

JD: Yeah I want to thank Boxing360, my promoter Mario Yagobi. He’s been keeping me busy and he’s working on some big fights for me coming up. To all my fans you can follow me on twitter @RealJoelDiaz and Thank you for this interview.

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