Interview - The Velasquez Twins: Brothers in Arms
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (June 8, 2009) Photo © Tom Barnes  
Brothers Carlos Ivan Velasquez 10-0 (9) and Juan Carlos Velasquez 9-0 (5) are on a mission to seek and destroy all competition that comes their way. Along with both fighters sharing the same birthday, they also share the same hunger for stardom, and the two share undefeated records thus far in their early careers.
As amateurs, they combined 290 amateur wins, and Carlos was a 2004 Olympian for Puerto Rico. As pros they have together tallied up 19 wins, 14 knockouts, and 7 first round victories.
Although they share a lot of the same qualities out of the ring, they differ in styles inside the square circle, and in this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing both brothers talk about their similarities as well as differences. “Twin Dream” also touch on this Friday’s fights where the two will once again bang away on the same card. See what the brothers had to say on their careers, enjoy.
Benny Henderson: It’s been some time now that you both have fought on the same card. June 12th you guys get back in the ring when you battle opponents TBA at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. What are your thoughts on fighting together again?
Carlos Ivan: It’s always a blessing to fight on the same card as my brother. In the locker room before the fight we get to encourage on another. It gives me extra inspiration to get in there and perform to my best ability.
Juan Carlos: Every time we fight on the same card, we most likely have
great performances. Carlos is a big puncher and he usually gets the knockout, so I do my best to match him. It’s great to have my brother fight before me. It pumps me up.
Benny Henderson: In comparing you two as far as styles go, what do you guys have in common, and what separates you both?
Carlos Ivan: We both have good feet and can get in and out of situations if need be. He's more of a boxer.
Juan Carlos: My brother and I have good jabs and keep our opponents at a distance. He's a bigger puncher who takes more chances.
Benny Henderson: How is it fighting under the Golden Boy banner?
Carlos Ivan: To fight for Golden Boy Promotions is a dream come true. They really look out for their fighters and can have big cards to showcase fighters like my brother and I. I'm really happy to be fighting for them.
Juan Carlos: Being that we're boxers coming from Puerto Rico, we always thought about what it would be like to fight in the United States and since we've signed with Golden Boy, it’s been a huge blessing. They keep us busy and we both are very thankful and appreciative.
Benny Henderson: Might be a little bit of an ignorant question, but which is harder, getting hit, or witnessing your bother getting hit?
Carlos Ivan: Getting hit is always tough. My brother is a smart fighter and I know he'll make the proper adjustment if he starts getting hit to much. So I say getting hit is harder.
Juan Carlos: I'd have to say getting hit, because I know my brother will come back strong after being hit. He always finds a way to win.
Benny Henderson: What do you feel are your greatest assets as a fighter?
Carlos Ivan: My stamina and my punching power. I can knock you out with both hands.
Juan Carlos: I feel my ability to make adjustments, being a smart fighter in the ring.
Benny Henderson: What has been the hardest aspect of being a fighter?
Carlos Ivan: It's always tough eating the right foods. As a fighter you have to eat all the healthy stuff. That's hard.
Juan Carlos: The grind of a fighter is really hard, always training and taking punches. That's rough.
Benny Henderson: What can the fight fans expect from the Velasquez twins come fight night?
Carlos Ivan: Expect me to come out and put on a great show. I'm always looking to land big shots and get the KO.
Juan Carlos: I'm coming to box my way to victory. I too will look to take my opponent out. I'll be ready to go.
Benny Henderson: Any message you two would like to send out to the fight world?
Carlos Ivan: Keep an eye out for my brother and I. We're both hungry and have goals of becoming world champions some day.
Juan Carlos:
The Velasquez twins are here and we're ready to take on the best. Look for us to be in some big fight in the near future. Thank you.
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