Interview - Daniel Edouard: “I bring class and charisma to the middleweight division”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (June 10, 2009)  
Middleweight contender Daniel Edouard 21-2-2 (12) strongly believes that he brings a bit of class as well as colorful charisma to the 160-pound division. All the twenty-eight year old fighter needs now is a world title strap, and the Haitian born boxer has his sights set on some of the big guns of the division in high hopes of garnering world championship status.
But before Edouard gets his shot at the likes of Felix Sturm, Kelly Pavlik or Arthur Abraham, he has to get
past thirty-seven fight veteran and rugged journeyman Dumont Welliver on June 12th.
In his seven year career, Edouard has beaten the likes of Miguel Espino (MD) and Willie Gibbs (TKO 4), and is now riding a three fight win streak, and looks for four when he takes on Washington native Welliver. In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Daniel speaks out on his up coming fight, his career, and which title holder he would like to meet in the ring, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.: First off thanks for stopping by Doghouse Boxing, what has been going down in the world of Daniel Edouard?
Daniel Edouard: 
Thanks Benny, we appreciate it. It's great to talk to Doghouse Boxing. I've been just training and keeping busy. Trying to stay on my A-game.

BH: You have a fight coming up June 12th against Dumont Welliver, what do you know about this cat as far as his fighting style, his strengths and
weaknesses are concerned?
 I don't know a lot about him which is good and bad. I know that he's well experienced, he has 36 fights. His .500 record really doesn't tell the whole story. Guys like this you have to be very careful with and be on your A-game because they know all of the tricks. He's fought a lot of great fighters.

BH: What does Daniel Edouard bring to the middleweight division?
 I bring class and charisma. I'm the marketing piece that the division, as well as boxing, needs right now. All I have to do is become a world champion so the boxing public can really see it. 

BH: What has been the hardest aspect for you in being a professional fighter?
I would say the boxing life with your personal life. The two mix so much but at the same time they have to be separate. Boxing takes up so much time so separating it can be very tough. A lot of our personal life contradicts our boxing life so a successful fighter has to figure out a way to balance the two.

BH: In your opinion, what are your greatest accolades as a fighter?
Just representing the sport of a country. So many young Haitian fighters, both in Haiti and in the states, are able to appreciate what I do and at the same time it gives them the opportunity to follow me and do it themselves. I feel like I'm the pioneer of Haitian boxing.

BH: Why should the fans tune in to Edouard versus Welliver?
They will get to see entertainment. Lately a lot of fans haven't been entertained. From the walkout to the fight, beginning to end, they're going to be entertained. That's my job, and I do it very well.

BH: You are close to title contention, if victorious in this next bout and you could step up against any player in the top ten all the way to a title holder, who would you pick and why?
I would love to fight Felix Sturm. I would fight him anywhere and I think it would be an excellent and entertaining fight. Of course the goal of all boxers’ is to win and defend a world title, and this fight would be my opportunity. I will definitely capitalize on that.
BH: Tell me about the Haitian Sensation Foundation?
 The Haitian Sensation Foundation gives young people the boost to accomplish their goals. We focus on theatre, dance, and sports. We will be hosting a play Friday July 17th in Palm Beach Gardens Florida to raise funds to open a boxing gym in Haiti. We already have the land, now we are raising the funds to build the facility.
BH: You recently brought in a marketing team called VMG worldwide, what are you working on with them?
 I am working on building a couple of fitness gyms with boxing equipment and training opportunities as well. It's going to be great. We are working on building my fan base bigger and better. We love the fans, and you can never have too many. We have a new website for the fans to check out. They can go to:

BH: Any message you would like to send out to your upcoming opponent Welliver?
 I just want to thank him for the opportunity and for taking the fight. We'll see you in Oregon. 

BH: Is there anything you would like to add or say in closing?
I have everything in place right now to make a big run, and make no mistake about it, the "Haitian Sensation" is coming and coming strong. All the world champions out there better be on their A-games, because you can bet I'm going to be on mine! Thanks to all the fans for supporting me and the work I do. We're going straight to the top!

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