Interview with Bob Sapp: “You will see Bobby Lashley go down!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (June 11, 2009)  
June 27th at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center in Biloxi, MS, two giants will go head to head as the former Pride & K-1 star Bob “The Beast” Sapp (10-4-1) takes on the former WWE star and 3-time NAIA wrestling champion Bobby Lashley (3-0) in the main event of what has been billed as, “Ultimate Chaos”.
Sapp, who is a well known super star in Japan, has competed in Pride as well as K-1, and has had his hand in acting as well as playing four years for the NFL. And the thirty-six year old combatant wants to add more to his list
of accolades.
There has been a war of words between Lashley and Sapp, but come fight night the talking will cease and the fight will commence, and Sapp is more than ready for the throw down as he strongly stated to Doghouse Boxing, “two big men will step into the ring, and one will come out on a stretcher.”
In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Sapp speaks outs on his upcoming bout, as well as touching on his career and other topics enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the fight coming up June 27th against Bobby Lashley, what are your thoughts coming into this bout?
Bob Sapp:
I tell you what, it looks like Bobby Lashley is going to try to come to the “Beast” and do a quick take down, and try to do some ground and pound while he is down there. I think then you will see me get a little frustrated, take one hand and flip him over and get on top of him because I will be on side
control by that time, and I will throw some punches to the face and to the ribs. Get him flustered, and he will power himself up and try to shoot himself out, and from there it is just a stand up fight, a couple of shots to the dome, one two and the beast should win about one minute after the stand up.
BH: What are your thoughts on Lashley as a fighter?
I think he is going to be a good fighter, it looks like he is starting off doing the stuff right. Fighting once a month, let’s see if he will be able to continue that, it will be quite interesting.
BH: He was quoted, and his exact words, “I’ll stand toe to toe with him,” what are your thoughts on his comment?
He would stand toe to toe with me?
BH: Yes sir, that was his quote.
Well, I will give him the opportunity to do it. I will give him a chance.
BH: What are your preparations coming in to this bout?
Running and throwing a lot of punches and kicks.
BH: You have been a pro football player, a pro wrestler, a pro fighter, an actor and a singer, what accolade are you most proud of, and how would you define your entire career?
My career has been one that has been very entertaining, my greatest accolade has to be when I made the cover of Time magazine. And when the girls made the Bob Sapp dildo that was pretty funny. (Both laugh)
BH: What are your thoughts on the rise of popularity of the MMA, particularly the UFC?
I think it is great, just like Japan was with me, the entertaining fight will reign supreme. People will follow.
BH: Would you ever fight in the UFC?
I would but Dana White would never invite me to the UFC.
BH: What is your life like outside of the fight game, what do you do to relax?
I have three dogs and four cats so they keep me pretty busy. I hang with them, when I am at home and watching a movie I am always gather around a furry beast that loves me so it is pretty nuts. One of then I actually call my girlfriend.
BH: What can the fight fans expect from Bob Sapp come fight night?
Here is how the fight is going to be, Bobby Lashley trying to take me down with some ground and pound, I’ll flip him over, when he stands up then you will see some good punches being thrown. And that’s when you will see Bobby Lashley go down.
BH: Any message that you would like to send out to Bobby Lashley before this match-up?
My message to Bobby Lashley is, listen if he wants to stand toe to toe with me, I will give him the opportunity, and you will see who goes down first, now going down does not mean going down for that take down. (Bob laughs)
BH: Is there anything you would like to add or say in closing of this interview?
Come Ultimate Chaos two big men will step into the ring, only one will be coming out of it on a stretcher.
Writers Note: I would like to thank Bob Trieger for setting up this interview, and thanks goes out to Bob Sapp for his time and thoughts. For more info on the fight, check out

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