Donovan George preparing for annihilation!
By Benny Henderson Jr. (June 15, 2006)
Don ‘Da Bomb’ George
Chicago native and undefeated rising super middleweight sensation Don ‘Da Bomb’ George, 7-0-1 (5), is looking to seek out and destroy all in his path and the annihilation begins this Friday night at Cicero Stadium in Cicero, IL, when the twenty-one year old prospect faces off against knockout artist Robert Smallwood.

George exploded on the scene nearly two years ago stopping his opponent in the second round, and since that point has banged out six victories with four knockouts, battling it out for one draw. And the heavy-handed pugilist is just getting warmed up. His thirst for blood will be quenched this Friday night against the once beaten tough customer Robert Smallwood, whose three W’s have come by the way of knockout. George is ready to stand and deliver the pain and looks to bring lots of it come this weekend against the Missouri native.

Donovan and his management team took the time out to speak to the Doghouse and gives their thoughts on this weekend as well as the future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: What do you know of your opponent Robert Smallwood?

Donovan George:
He is from St. Joseph, Missouri, he has eight fights with one loss, he is a tough guy; we will see what he has when he is in there with me, that’s a whole different story.

BH: Although Smallwood has one loss on his record with two draws, his three wins all have come by knockout. Do you feel his power will play a major factor in this bout?

Absolutely not, I know he is going to come in there and try to rough me up and be the tough guy and the aggressor, I give a half a round and then he is going to realize that isn’t going to work, his confidence is going to wear out and then I will start putting my punches together and I will probably stop this guy in third, fourth round tops.

BH: What have you learned about the business of boxing in your nearly two years as a professional?

That it’s not just about boxing, there are a million other things that play into this and you have to have good people behind you like I do with Cestus Management and my father Pete. I have good people backing me and there really isn’t anywhere to go but to the top.

BH: Your thoughts on sparring with the likes of David Diaz, Angel Hernandez and Oscar Bravo, what have you learned from those guys in the gym and how do you fair up in the sessions?

I have sparred with those guys since I was sixteen years old so I am used to them, we all know each other very
well we give each other good work. Now that I am getting older and stronger and my skills are much better we feel that we might have to go somewhere else for sparring in the near future because it’s not that they aren’t good work but we are so used to them we are not progressing off them, I am doing my thing they are doing their thing. We are trying to bring new guys in but in the Chicago boxing scene there aren’t to many hot prospects out there in the super middleweight division.

Mike Michael: Basically Benny he is eating everybody alive, you know what I mean?

BH: Your strongest punch in your arsenal?

Definitely my straight right but you’ll see in this fight it might be my jab.

BH: Your workout regime?

I stepped up my workouts tremendously for this fight, as you know I haven’t fought in eight months, and I have been in solid training since. I can do twelve rounds right now without a problem.

BH: Hardest aspect of being a young fighter trying to make a name for yourself?

There is a lot of pressure on me out there, I am backed by Cestus Management, and they are putting my name out there. Everybody is seeing my name and they are like who is this kid and what does he bring to the table, so I have to keep up and excel.

Mike Michael: Basically Benny, Donovan is stepping up, we are going to get passed Robert Smallwood and then we can move up to another level of fighters in the next five fights.

BH: I am going to throw out some names of some other prospects in your division and I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind. Lajuan Simon?

DG: Never heard of him man.

BH: James Johnson?

DG: I know James and he is a pretty good guy, I seen him at a couple of tournaments, he and his brother Marcus are good fighters, I’ll take my hat off to them for that, they can fight.

BH: Andre and Anthony Dirrell?

DG: Cocky.

BH: What can the fans expect from you in the next year?

DG: Hopefully by the end of this year we can get three or four more fights, then in the next year to eighteen months we would like to put a belt around my waist and be known as a serious threat.

Mike Michael: We are shooting for three to four fights the rest of this year depending on injuries, by February we will be challenging for a North American belt, maybe the NABO, NABF, whatever we can get. He is definitely going to be on Showtime and ESPN, that goes without question because he is a new breed of fighter with everything. All I can say is that you are looking at a future world champion, and that isn’t coming from a biased management company, we are just telling the truth. This Friday is the start of the destruction of any opponent that comes into the ring with Donovan; we are going to annihilate Robert Smallwood.

BH: Anything you want to add in closing?

I just want to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to have this interview and I am going to go out there and fight my butt off and put on entertaining fights and take it straight to the top and be world champ, that’s it.

Mike Michael: We want to thank the fans that are with us now, and the future fans that are going to be with us, and the ones who aren’t with us we don’t give a damn. They can’t stop us no matter what. We want to thank Doghouse Boxing and I want to thank Everlast for supporting us, they guys there are hell of tremendous guys, and Eight Count Productions.

I would like to thank Donovan George and Mike Michael of Cestus Management for their time and thoughts.

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