Andre Ward vs. Allan Green: The Pugilist, the Puncher, and the Points!
By Benny Henderson Jr. (June 18, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
All boxing fans love a great throw down, we dig it when two warriors climb in between the ropes, lay it all on the line and sling the fists until one is left standing. And so far Showtime’s Super Six Tournament has done a decent job of producing some quality as well as entertaining match-ups. And this weekend, when the undefeated WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward 21-0 (13) defends his strap against his heavy handed challenger Allan Green 29-1 (20), the amusement for the fans should continue.

The Pugilist

We will start off with the champion, Andre Ward. The 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist has had nothing but success in his six years as a professional, smacking down twenty-one foes to garner him an unblemished record. With his fast hands and savvy ring presence Ward defeated the likes of Rubin Williams (7th R. TKO), Edison Miranda (UD) and Shelby Pudwill (3rd R. KO).

When the Super Six came about, Ward was a 2.2/1 underdog against the once beaten two-time world champion Mikkel Kessler, whose only defeat was from the hands of Joe Calzaghe.

Underdog, or not, Ward utilized an excellent jab and ring generalship beating Kessler to the punch dethroning the champ with an eleventh round with a technical decision victory.

Now, Ward will defend his crown against Oklahoma based power puncher Allan Green.

The Puncher

Green, although unbeaten in seventeen consecutive bouts, came out of the shadows in late 2005 with a first round, Ring Magazine “Knockout of the Year” over Jaidon Codrington. After the horrific knockout, Green went to winning until he faced power puncher Edison Miranda.

Although a seemingly dragging Green didn’t seem up to par, the two combatants would both hit the canvas, but after the smoked cleared, Miranda was the victor via unanimous decision. Afterwards, it was reported that Green, suffered from colon problems and had to have surgery removing 85% of his colon. Coming back at 100% Green went on winning and after Jermain Taylor stepped down from the tournament, and rightfully so, Green will get his shot at his first world title in the second stage of the Super Six.

The Points

If you are familiar with the Super Six, then you know that the tournament based on points. A win gets you two points, a knock out victory earns you three and a loss gets you nothing. Since Allan Green is replacing Jermain Taylor, and fighting in the second stage, he has no points, and with Ward’s win over Kessler, Andre has two.

If Ward wins this bout, via knockout or just plain decision, he will be the new leader, but if Green can pull off the win with a decision he will be tied with Froch, Ward, Kessler and Dirrell, but if Allan can stop Ward, then he will be tied with Abraham for first place. A loss and Green will be back of the pack. This fight is very important for the both.

Now, the Breakdown.

I have been an Allan Green fan for years now, he is a no nonsense shoot from the hip kind of guy, and I dig that. I consider him a buddy. But when it comes to making predictions, or giving my honest thoughts on a fight, friend or not, I have to be honest.

Green has the power to stop Ward, but does he have to tools to create the knock out? Ward is fast, he is a sound fighter, who has ring savvy. He has the speed to get in and out from Green. And in order for Green to stop Ward, he has to set down on his punches, hard to do when you have a very mobile opponent who is not going to stand in front of you. I don’t see Green out boxing Ward, or getting a decision in Ward’s hometown, so Green will have to get Ward out of there. He will have to corner Ward up, work the body and wear him down, or land that magical shot that puts Andre to sleep.

I see Ward out working Green, and possibly forcing a late round stoppage, my mind keeps going back to Green vs. McCrary, Donny had Green out on his feet and McCrary is a journeyman at best, and Ward seems to hit harder than Donny. I am hoping for the best for my man Allan Green, and I hope his debut will be successful as I will be rooting for him, but I see the pugilist (Ward) defeating the puncher (Green) and racking up more points in this go around to take the lead.

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