Big Dog’s Prospect Watch – Peter Quillin: “I do my talking in the ring”
INTERVIEW By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (July 5, 2006)
From the tough streets of Michigan to the squared ring in New York City the undefeated super middleweight prospect Peter ‘Kid Chocolate’ Quillin, 5-0 (4), is as ready as he has ever been to throw down. But the difference being on a professional level instead of the cold street bare knuckled brawls he once participated in.

As a youngster Quillin was coerced to strap on the gloves by his older brother Craig to scrap in a street brawl at the tender age of seven, but a six year age difference or not Peter laid the pain to his thirteen year old opponent, breaking the elders nose before being halted by the neighborhood kids. From there, a fighter was born.

“I have always been a knucklehead,” Quillin told Doghouse Boxing. “I am a huge fan of the ‘sweet science’. I looked up to a lot of fighters in the sport, Tyson, Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, the Original ‘Kid Chocolate’, all of them brought something different to the table.”

With just a short stint in the amateurs Quillin was able to earn the Ringside Nationals as a novice in the 156-pound weight class. With fifteen bouts under his belt as an amateur Quillin climbed in the professional ranks just a smidge over a year ago, and in the twelve months as a pro banger Quillin has laid down the law with his fury, and despite his lack of a
long amateur background, his outlook is bright.

“I have been around pro fighters for a long time and to be honest, I have always had the pro style,” Quillin said of his transition to the pros. “I am very sharp, very strong so the transition from the amateurs to the pros wasn’t really much of
change for me.”

As a pro the power-punching prospect has ripped through his opposition, knocking out four out of his five opponents. Three were put to sleep in the opening round, and only one of his foes was able to with stand the fiery storm to make it to the final bell. But with his short success as a fighter the twenty-three year old Quillin hasn’t let the glory go to his head.

“Being successful can go to a fighters head, but you have to keep humble,” said Quillin. “Boxing is hard work, and hard work pays off.”

Staying grounded isn’t an easy task for a young fighter in this sport. When the limelight comes along so too does fast living for some, but for Quillin his faith in God keeps his head on straight.

“God keeps me grounded, this is something He gave me to do,” explained Quillin of his faith. “If I go around boasting what does that do? Boasting doesn’t make you a man, helping others makes you a man. I bring my own thing in the ring, you have to be humble in and out of the ring, and I don’t boast, I do my talking in the ring. Instead of talking about my talents, I let the fans see my potential.”

Quillin is under the tutelage of trainer Collin Morgan who has held the reins for Larry Donald and Wayne Braithwaite. Quillin is developing with every go around, so his potential is endless, and in time the fighter known as ‘Kid Chocolate’ could very well be a household name.

“I am athletic and very strong, and I am going to take things slowly,” said Quillin of his future. “I just want to thank God for all He has done for me, and I want to thank my fans. I would like them to keep following me because I am going to be good in and out of the ring.”

The young pugilist has a long career ahead of himself. With his lightening fast fists and thunderous power Quillin is going to pose a serious threat for anyone in the middleweight division, so keep an eye out for ‘Kid Chocolate’ while he make his climb to the top of the crop.

I would like to thank Peter Quillin for taking the time out to speak to the Doghouse.

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