"Vivian Harris: I’ll Bet Hatton $50,000 He Won't Beat Me"
Interview with WBA Light Welterweight Champion Vivian Harris

By Benny Henderson Jr. (July 18, 2004) 
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In October WBA light welterweight champion Vivian Harris will be traveling to Manchester, England to defend his title against undefeated Ricky Hatton. Harris was originally scheduled to travel back to Germany in September to fight Oktay Urkal in a highly anticipated rematch. But after negotiations reported failed on where the fight would be held, Harris decided not to take the rematch. So now the 24-1-1 (16) Vivian Harris wants a piece of 36-0 (26) Ricky Hatton. Harris stated that Hatton has a big mouth and he will even travel to Ricky’s hometown to shut him up. Harris stopped by the Doghouse to talk about Urkal and his up coming title fight against Ricky Hatton.

Benny Henderson Jr.: How is your training going?

Vivian Harris: My training is going okay; everything is going all right so far.

BH: Ricky Hatton has 36 wins no losses and 26 kayos. Does his power concern you, and without giving it all away what will be your fight plan?

VH: To be honest with you I don’t think he has any power so it doesn’t really concern me. He is a great fighter to the fighters that he has fought before so I give him credit for that. But, he has never fought Vivian Harris, so I am not worried about that; I am a totally different fighter.

BH: On Hatton’s website he had this to say about you. “I can adapt my style any opponent, whereas with Harris, what you see is what you get. And you know what he is going to do.” How do you respond to his comments?

VH: I respect that, and that’s good and I’m happy he thinks like that. And I hope he brings his A-GAME because Vivian Harris is bringing his, and it is going to be a great fight.

BH: In an interview you did you stated that a rematch with Oktay Urkal wouldn’t do anything for your career, and you shouldn’t have to travel to Germany to defend your title against him. But, you will travel to Ricky Hatton’s country and give him a shot at your title. Why is that?

VH: Because the Ricky Hatton fight is a fight that I’ve never fought before, and I want it. I already beat Urkal in his country. When I was there his trainer said that I was holding my foot in the corner. His trainer was being dirty. I didn’t worry about all that but I didn’t think that it was right that I go back and defend my title in Germany, cause I already did that. And I’ll go to Hatton in England because he won’t come to America to fight me, so I’m going to England and fight him. I mean, because he talks a lot of shit and I am defiantly going to shut his mouth.

BH: Frank Warren was recently quoted as saying “I had to pay Harris a lot of money to come over here, it’s the biggest purse Harris has had in his career.” Is Warren really paying you as much as he is making it out to be?

VH: To be honest with you I don’t know what is in the whole pot for the fight. Until then I really can’t say anything.

BH: Fightnews reported that promoter Wilfried Sauerland stated that you had cold feet and you wouldn’t fight Oktay Urkal because you was chicken. How do you respond to his accusations?

VH: I just have to say that Sauerland and the people that were trying to keep the rematch in Germany. They are just mad that I didn’t take the rematch so they could make all the money over there. Cause Vivian Harris wasn’t making anything in the rematch. I was only going to make three hundred thousand dollars for the rematch. And I don’t think that it was right for me to go back and fight again. When before I made two hundred and something, and now they are offering me three hundred for this one. It doesn’t make any sense. I already beat him and I’m the champion. So I don’t want to travel back there. They are the chicken they don’t want to come to me. I went there already and beat his fighter, so how am I a chicken? They just want me to come back there cause they will make millions of dollars and Vivian Harris won’t make nothing. I’m not selling myself short. So fuck Sauerland. I don’t give a shit of what he has to say.

BH: Do you want to be quoted on that?

VH: Yes, that’s why I said it. I wasn’t going to make any money for that fight, they would make all the money for the fight, and I wouldn’t be getting shit. So all that shit he talks, fuck him, I don’t care what he says. I am going to go back to Germany to defend my title again? I won’t work hard for three months of hard training for no three hundred thousand dollars and Germany just for him. Hell no, I’m not going to do it.

BH: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

VH: My greatest accomplishment to be honest with you is having my two beautiful loving kids, and my family that I have and the fans that I have and the people that believe in me.

BH: Let’s say you successfully defend your title against Hatton in October, what will be next for you?

VH: To be honest with you I’m not thinking of next, I’m thinking of Ricky Hatton. Cause that is who I want and that is what I’m focused on. I’m not thinking about nobody else.

BH: Any predictions on the Ricky Hatton fight?

VH: I don’t have any predictions, but I’ll guarantee I’ll be the winner. And if Ricky wants to put up fifty thousand dollars I’ll bet Ricky that he’s not winning this fight October 2nd. I’ll bet fifty thousand dollars of my purse that I’ll beat Ricky Hatton that night. I don’t care if I stop him or go to the decision I’m going to be the winner of that night. And I don’t care where I’m at, that’s why I’m going to England for him cause I don’t care where the fight is at.

BH: In closing, is there anything you would like to say?

VH: All I got to say is Ricky Hatton you got a lot of mouth and you think you are going to do what you’ve been doing in the ring. All you have to do is fight Vivian Harris and stop playing games. You and your people stop playing games and make a decent offer to me. I don’t play games I let a fight happen I’m willing to go to England and fight, I am willing to fight the best in the world, and I’m going to prove to the world that I’m the best. Just stop playing games and fight. There is a lot of money in this so do the right thing and let the fight happen. I want to go over there and fight Ricky Hatton cause his punk ass doesn’t want to come here. Keep talking, cause I’m going to have the last word after this fight. Keep talking cause I’m going to beat him in his mouth.
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