“They Know I’m Coming” - Interview with Dominick Guinn
By Benny Henderson Jr. (July 20, 2004) 
Dominick Guinn
Heavyweight prospect Dominick Guinn 24-1 (17) will be stepping in the ring July 24th against veteran Phil Jackson 44-12 (38). But Guinn feels that he is as much as a veteran as Jackson is. The 29-year-old Guinn has been fighting since the age of nine. He competed in 316 amateur bouts and finished with a sensational record of 290-26.The Arkansas native was the first in his state to win a title in the US Boxing Championships. He was also a Bronze Medal winner in the Goodwill Games. He started his pro career in 2000 and went 24-0 before losing a split-decision back in March 2004 against Monte Barrett. Guinn learned a lot in the loss to Barrett that he thinks will propel him to at least 48-1 before suffering defeat again. He feels that he is rejuvenated and ready to make some noise in the heavyweight division once again. He is looking forward to beating Jackson and then taking on whoever gets in his way to become the heavyweight champion of the world. Guinn stopped by the Doghouse to talk about his July 24th bout, his past, and what the future holds for him and the heavyweight division.

Benny Henderson Jr.: How has your training going?

Dominick Guinn: Everything is going well. We just finished up sparring today and I’ll work with the pads Monday and Tuesday. Then we will be on our way to Atlantic City to go 25-1.

BH: What is your training regime?

In the morning I start my day off eating a nice small breakfast and then go to the gym. There I shake things loose with 15 minutes of jump rope then I shadow box six rounds, spar, hit the pads the speedball and sometimes the bag and sit ups. That is my gym work. Then I run four to five miles a day.

BH: You were the first Arkansan to win a title at the US Championships. How does that make you feel to be the first to accomplish that?

DG: At the time I was happy to be the first person to do that. And after I done it I was trying to complete another goal and be the first person from Arkansas to win a Gold Medal in the Olympics. I ended up falling short of that, but I want to be the first person from my home town, gym and Arkansas to win a Heavyweight title.

BH: Phil Jackson has been around the sport a long time. He has fought guys like Lennox Lewis, Chris Byrd, and Klitschko. So you know he has the ring experience. Does that experience pose any threat to you, or do you see yourself winning the fight in a dominant fashion?

Yes, I see my self going in there and taking charge of the fight. I feel that I’m a veteran to just like him. He’s just older than me that’s all. I have been in this game all my life I’ve been boxing since I was nine years old, so I feel like an old vet too.

BH: I know you don’t like to call names out, but is there any fighter you would like to step in the ring with and why?

No, not really. Whatever fight it takes to get me closer to becoming a champion and getting a title shot, that’s who I’ll get in there with. And whoever my promoter and my manager wants to see me in there with, that’s who I’ll step in they’re with.

BH: How about a Monte Barrett and Dominick Guinn II?

Yes, I would love that. I’m just waiting to see what happens with him. They are talking about him fighting Klitschko. I would love for him to beat Klitschko and then give me a rematch and then I turn around and beat him and I get the belt.

BH: What inspired you to box?

DG: To get out of my hometown, I wanted to box so I could travel. I started when I was nine years old and I just wanted to see the United States. At that time I didn’t know I was going to get to see the world. Man I got to see St. Louis, man that St. Louis arch was big for a nine-year-old kid.

BH: Heck, the McDonald’s Arches was big to me when I was a kid.

DG: [Laughing] Yeah I hear ya.

BH: Did you take away from the Barrett loss that you could use in the future?

DG: Oh yes, I learned not to be so hard on myself. A couple different things really, to go on there and take care of business. Sometimes I beat myself up, or actually I beat myself up a lot thinking too much. There was a few things that I did in the Barrett fight that I knew was wrong.

BH: Who has been your toughest opponent so far?

DG: Myself always, I was watching the movie Ali with Will Smith and I heard him say that he was his toughest opponent, and Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter said the same thing. I have been saying this for years that I thought I have been my toughest opponent. If I go in there and fight the way I know I can fight, Monte Barrett couldn’t of gotten in the ring with me if I go in there and do what I am supposed to do and let my hands go. The combinations that I have in my arsenal if I do that and fight the way I know I can fight nobody can touch me. But it’s always myself holds my game plan.

BH: What can the fans expect from Dominick Guinn within the next year?

DG: Expect me to start over again. I’m using Atlantic City as my home and I’m going to start it all over again like I did last year June 7th against Michael Grant. I’m going to do the same thing and come back, but this time I’m not expecting to lose no time soon. The next fight I lose I expect to at least be 48-1. I’m going to go on another 24 to 25 and 0 before I lose another one I think.

BH: I read in a past Doghouse interview that there were some differences between you and Joe Mesi; apparently he was talking smack or something along those lines. Do you want a piece of Joe Mesi?

DG: Oh yeah, I would love to fight Joe. If Joe was a fight in front of me to get to the world title, I would fight Joe. But other than then I don’t care to fight him.

BH: Do you think Mesi wants to fight you?

I don’t think so, which it doesn’t mean anything to say that I was the last guy to beat him. But hey, I don’t think he really wants to get in there with me right now.

BH: What are your hobbies out of the ring?

DG: I like to shoot pool, and do comedy. Which I do a lot of that stand up at home.

BH: Oh really, that's cool man. [Laughing]

DG: [Laughing] Yeah, I do a lot of comedy stand up at home and on the Main Events show with Jolene and the rest of them at lunch and stuff. I’m just a clown.

BH: Is there anything you would like to say to the fans and the heavyweight division?

DG: I can’t say look out here I come cause they know I am coming. But I would like to tell the fans if you are with me stay on the train, if you’re not, you might want to get on the train now.

I would like to thank Jolene Mazzone for taking out the time and helping with this interview. I would also like to thank Dominick Guinn for his kindness. Guinn fights for Main Events.
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