Jeff Lacy: “I’m taking Robin Reid very seriously”
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (July 25, 2005)  
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Undefeated super middleweight superstar Jeff Lacy, 19-0 (15), is looking to keep a strong hold on his IBF super middleweight title on August 6th and in the process tack on the IBO strap that the iron jawed Robin Reid, 38-4-1 (27), totes around in an all-out brawl that will be televised on Saturday August 6th 9:00 p.m. ET/PT only on Showtime. ‘Left Hook’ will defend his title and throw down in his backyard of Tampa, Florida, for the first time in his four years as a professional banger and he is looking to impress his hometown crowd.

Although the roughneck Englishman has never tasted the canvas in his fifteen-year career, Lacy, who is known for his brute strength and massive punching ability, will be looking to put Reid’s iron jaw to the Lacy test the night of August 6th. After banging it out as an amateur Lacy stepped in the pro ranks in February of 2002 and began his career with four straight first round knockouts and has laid to sleep a total of fifteen opponents with seven first round stoppages. He has compiled a resume of highly formidable opposition that include victories over Ross Thompson (UD12), Syd Vanderpool (TKO8), Omar Shieka (UD12) and four months ago stopped the 26-1 Rubin Williams in seven rounds. And the twenty-eight year old hard hitter has just begun. Will the ‘Left Hook’ lay to rest the ‘Grim Reaper’? One thing is for sure, he isn’t taking Reid lightly, so tune in Saturday August 6th 9:00 ET/PT on Showtime to see the fists fly!

Lacy took the time to chat with the Doghouse and was more than willing to share his thoughts for the DHB readers on his upcoming match up, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey Jeff, first off I just want to say thank you for taking the time out for the Doghouse readers as usual it is greatly appreciated. What preparations are you making for this upcoming bout against Robin Reid?

Jeff Lacy:
Well it’s a defense of my IBF super middleweight title so I am taking this guy very seriously.

BH: How much of a step up in your opinion is Robin Reid compared to the likes of Omar Sheika and Syd Vanderpool as far as talent goes, and what type of bout are you anticipating?

I am looking for him to come out and present a stiff bout, I know that he is a guy that has been there and he has fought a lot of name fighters so he has the experience behind. I know he is not going to come here and lay down; he is going to try to come in here and win the IBF super middleweight title. He wants something that I have and it is not going to be easy.

BH: When I look at Reid I see a very talented boxer, well conditioned, has a great amount of experience with quality opposition and he showcases one of the hardest chins in the business. What are your thoughts on Reid’s strengths and weaknesses and do you feel that Robin’s chin can absorb your power for twelve rounds to make it to the cards?

Well, we are going to find out if he is able to take it as well as everybody seems to think he can, we will find out August 6th. As far as him being able to take it for twelve rounds I will be in shape to dish it out for twelve rounds, that’s a question that we will answer August 6th.

BH: What are your thoughts on getting to showcase your talents for the first time in front of your hometown, any pressure?

No, my style is the seek and destroy type of fighting and I am a pressure fighter. So it isn’t like the crowd is going to get me to do things that are not normally going to happen with my style, as far as my style goes the crowd is going to be pleased with what unfolds that night.

BH: On the other side of the coin this will be Reid’s second trip to the States if I am correct, how much of a part do you think your hometown crowd will play in Reid’s mental aspect of this bout?

Well he has the experience he has been there before and has fought in other people’s backyards so I am sure he has that experience behind him. The crowd doesn’t win the fight, he does.

BH: Ok, I know that Reid is the one you are facing but I have to ask this question about Joe Calzaghe since there could be such a bout between you two in the near future. Would you travel to England to face Joe or would he have to cross the pond to get this fight?

Like I said, I’ll fight anybody anywhere, it doesn’t matter. If my team and I feel like I am getting a fair deal and Showtime follows me like they have done in the past I have no problem fighting in anyone’s backyard. Like I said, the crowd doesn’t win the fights, it’s the fighter that does.

BH: I would like for you to weigh in on the Hopkins-Taylor bout, what are your thoughts on the outcome and the fight itself, and your opinion on the rematch?

I just want to congratulate Jermian Taylor for capturing the undisputed middleweight title. Jermain is at a learning stage, he said himself that he made mistakes in the fight and the good thing there is that there is a rematch where he can go back to the drawing board and correct everything that he says he went out there and done wrong that night. Everything will be answered as far as your questions as far as how good of a fighter he is in the rematch. For him to fight the same guy and really know a little bit more about him than he did in the first fight is really going to tell the tale of what this fighter is really all about.

BH: People has seen you in the ring, they know what you are bout in there, but what about out of the ring, what is Jeff Lacy like when he is out of the ring?

I am more of a laid back type of person; I am not surrounded by a lot of people on my off time. I am really laid back, that’s basically how I am. I am not the real big club hopper or the party type; I am always by myself a lot of the time so basically I am laid back.

BH: Any last thoughts or opinions you would like to share or add to this interview in closing?

Like I said I love the business that chose me, I love to fight and I love to be in the ring. I am just going to continue to do what I do best, go out fight and win the best way I can.

I would like to thank Fred Sternburg for setting up this interview and I would like to give a big shout out to Jeff Lacy for his time and thoughts, it was greatly appreciated.
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