"I'll fight Cotto, Gatti or Harris. Whoever accepts, I am ready"
Interview With Jr. Welterweight Prospect Juan Urango

By Benny Henderson Jr. (Aug 3, 2004) 
Juan Urango
Junior welterweight prospect Juan Urango, 13-0 (10), says that he is ready to fight anybody in the 140lb division that is willing to face him. But first he will have to get passed Mike Arnaoutis, 10-0-1 (4), on Thursday night on Showtime ShoBox: The New Generation. The two unbeaten fighters will face off for the vacant NABO junior welterweight title and all the boxing world will be able to see if Urango is really ready to start facing the best. The 23-year-old Colombian will be fighting for the second time in the United States. Urango says that he is the new generation in the junior welterweight division -- big words for a guy who has yet to face a notable name fighter. But he says that his performance will speak for itself and he will be at the top of the division when it is all said and done. Urango realizes that by beating Arnaoutis impressively on Showtime he can prove to the world that he is ready for the big guns of the division like Cotto, Gatti and Hatton. Juan dropped by the Doghouse to talk about his match on Thursday night against Arnaoutis and what he wants to accomplish in the future in the most talent-stacked division in boxing.

Benny Henderson Jr.: How is your training going?

Juan Urango: My training has been great!  I’ve already made my weight and I am ready to fight.

BH: How confident are you of winning this fight?

JU: I am 100% confident for this fight.  I am going to use my boxing intelligence and skill.
BH: What will be your fight plan?

JU: I am planning on boxing and if he wants to trade, he'll feel my power.

BH: How does it feel to be fighting on Showtime?

JU: I feel blessed because it's been my dream to fight on TV such as Showtime and I am looking forward to more fights on Showtime in the future.

BH: If you are victorious against Arnaoutis, who would you like to fight after that?

JU: I’ll fight anyone in the 140lb division.  I’ll fight Cotto, Gatti, Harris, whoever accepts.  I’m ready.

BH: What inspired you to wanna box?

JU: I was tired of being poor.  Bottom line.  It was a way for me to make a better life for my family.

BH: Are you the new generation of the junior welterweight division?

JU: I am the new generation of the junior welterweight division.  I’ll let my performance speak for itself.

BH: Is there anything that concerns you about Arnaoutis's style of fighting?

JU: He runs too much.  I’d like him to stand and fight.

BH: What can the fight fans expect from Juan Urango in the near future?

JU: Fans can expect an exciting fight every time I step in the ring.  I guarantee to put on a great show.

BH: In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the fans and your opponent Mike Arnaoutis?

JU: To my fans, I love you all and thanks for your support.  To my opponent, I’ll see you on Thursday night.

I would like to thank Peter Kahn for all his help on this interview. I would also like to thank Juan Urango for taking out the time for the Doghouse and the fans. Urango fights for Warrior's Boxing Promotions, Inc. - for more info on Juan and other fighters check out there website.
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