"I'll be the New Big Cruiserweight Champion!"
Interview with Jean-Marc Mormeck
By Benny Henderson Jr. (Aug 8, 2004) 
Jean-Marc Mormeck
On October 2nd two of the top cruiserweight champions will meet in Madison Square Garden on the Mayorga/Trinidad undercard PPV event. WBA cruiserweight champ Jean-Marc Mormeck, 30-2 (21), will be facing his WBC counterpart Wayne Braithwaite, 21-0 (17). The winner will be on the road to unify the cruiserweight division against IBF title holder Kelvin Davis in the near future. Mormeck, who has beaten such fighters as Alexander Gurov, Dale Brown and has two wins over veteran Virgil Hill, believes that he will eventually become the unified champion. The 32-year-old native of France will be fighting in the United States for only the second time and he is extremely excited to return to the States and showcase his skills for the American fans at Madison Square Garden. The hard-hitting Mormeck is more than ready to step up to the plate and looks forward to wearing the undisputed cruiserweight crown. With only two more obstacles in his way, all he has to say is 'watch out!' The WBA champ stopped by the Doghouse to talk about his big fight with the 'Big Truck', Wayne Braithwaite.

Benny Henderson Jr: What is your training regime for the upcoming Braithwaite bout?

Jean-Marc Mormeck: The training begins each morning with my physical assistant: jogging, specific bodybuilding. Everything to be in excellent shape. And as for afternoon, it’s pure technique with punchbag, boxing cords, sparring, etc.

BH: Braithwaite is a lanky southpaw like Alexander Gurov, who you stopped in the 8th round last year. Are you expecting a similar kind of fight with Braithwaite to the one you had with Gurov?

JM: Not really! Gurov is tall and I think Braithwaite is smaller. Anyway, you never have the same fight. I suppose this one will be more technical, even more physical.

BH: What will be your fight plan in your upcoming fight?

Pressure! I will put a constant pressure on him. I’ll try to prevent him to move as he uses to do. Not let him play with his straight left and break his linked-up movements.

BH: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

JM: My greatest accomplishment was to become world champion and now I'm waiting the unification.

BH: In your second fight with Virgil Hill, did you expect the 40-year-old to be as competitive as he was?

JM: Regarding the first fight, Virgil underestimated me. The second time he was more prepared but I won.

BH: Most boxing fans regard you and Braithwaite as the best two cruiserweights in the world. Explain why you think you are a better fighter then Wayne?

JM: Wayne Braithwaite is very good but we did not fight the same guys. That’s the real difference. I beat Virgil Hill two times. Virgil is a legend and have a really great experience. He fought guys like Roy Jones Jr, Thomas Hearns… I’m not sure Wayne ever fought this kind of champion yet. That's why I'm a better fighter than him.

BH: Giving the fight history that Madison Square Garden has, how does it feel to be fighting in such a venue with such a history for the first time?

JM: To be sincere, it's an amazing dream for me. Of course, I heard a lot about that famous place when I was a kid. I would never have thought boxing there. And very soon, I’ll fight for the unification, which is quiet unique. What can I say? It's great!

BH: This will be the second fight you have had in the USA, how does it feel to return and do you plan on continuing to fight in the U.S.?

It's always a positive feeling as the last time I won in States. That's the number one country for boxing and I really hope to fight again and again in USA. This country is the only place where all the challenges are.

BH: Is there anything in Braithwaite's style that concerns you?

No! I mean, yes, there's anything!

BH: What inspired you to box?

Legends like Marvin Hagler, Mike Tyson showed me the way! I was also very curious to check how they could stand on the ring for 15 rounds…

BH: Looking ahead, who would you like to step in the ring with after Braithwaite?

Well, its already signed you know! The winner of this WBA/WBC cruiserweight unification will meet Kelvin Davis (IBF) for the undisputed unified cruiserweight champion, then this will be the opportunity to go to the heavyweight championship. If I could choose !!! I would say John Ruiz…

BH: In closing is there anything you would like to say to the fans and Wayne Braithwaite?

Message to the fans: watch out! I’ll be the new big champion cruiserweight champion. Message for Wayne Braithwaite: enjoy your title until October 2nd!

I would like to thank Yazid Manou for his help on this interview. I would also like to thank Jean-Marc Mormeck for taking the time for the Doghouse and the fans.
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