Interview with Owen Beck: “Somebody is going to get knocked out!”
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (August 22, 2005)  
Owen Beck
The power punching Jamaican is back and ready to launch an all out assault on his opposition September 3rd on Showtime 9:00 PM ET/PT in a ten round heavyweight throw down, and this time he is in rare form and ready to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with!

Owen ‘What the Heck’ Beck, 24-1 (18), returns to the ring after suffering the first loss of his career back in February when he was stopped in the ninth round by the throwback boxer Monte Barrett. The opponent set for this showdown was the Belarusian Serguei Lyakhovich who flew under the radar until his upset victory over one time rising star Dominick Guinn, but due to a reported injury Beck will now face Cleveland’s very own heavyweight Ray Austin, 22-3-3 (15), in front of the Ray’s hometown fans.

The setback and the change up of his opponent doesn’t change Beck’s fight plan nor will it disrupt his plan of putting on a great show for the Showtime fans in KO fashion. The hard hitter who is a classy operator both in and out of the ring prefers to do his talking with his fists and come September 3rd he plans on laying down the law with some serious leather. A good friend of the Doghouse, Owen Beck took time out of his intense training to share his thoughts on his match-up as well as other topics in the sport of boxing, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Just weeks away from your bout with Lyakhovich and he pulls out due to injury, now you will be facing the home town heavyweight Ray Austin, what can you tell us about your new opponent and how much of an impact do you feel this change will have on your fight plan, do you feel you have enough time to adapt to Austin’s style?

Owen Beck:
That is news to me, I am still getting ready for Serguei. Serguei ain’t injured, he just got sacred. I have been sparring some big guys for this fight and he said that sparring partners don’t make a difference on the phone conference and I said that your right, the only difference is that you will be in the fight because these guys up here are feeling my pain.

BH: Serious, so you are still training for Serguei Lyakhovich?

Well, I am still sticking to my fight plan and it isn’t like I have to make a big adjustment, I am already in camp I am already in shape and I am ready to go. There aren’t going to be any big adjustments really because I have been sparring with big guys and Ray Austin is a big guy.

BH: What about the hometown crowd, how does that factor into this bout?

It ain’t going to mean much you know what I mean, you see what Lamon did in Chicago against Golota who had the home crowd so it isn’t a big factor. The pressure isn’t on my back. (Laughs)

BH: You were undefeated up until last February when you suffered your first defeat from the hands of Monte Barrett, what did that loss do to you mentally, did you take anything away from that bout?

You know it just made me better.

BH: Looking back what do you feel you should have or could have done differently, and did you take anything away from the loss that could possibly help you in the future?

Oh yes, I was fighting in front of twenty-two thousand people and I have never fought in front of a crowd like that before. I was winning the fight and just got caught up with myself and basically I just gave the fight away.

BH: What were your thoughts on the Rahman-Barrett bout and what is your prediction for the Rahman-Klitschko showdown?

You know there isn’t much that I can say; it will always be different when you have different fighters in front of you.

BH: Do you have any predictions for Rahman-Klitschko?

Rahman is going to knock him out in the first round.

BH: You really think so?

Oh yeah.

BH: What can the fans expect from you on September 3rd?

Classic boxing.

BH: What type of person are you out of the ring?

Well the person they see out there is who I am, a true man of God, a young man with natural abilities, a young man somebody can look up to and a good role model that kids can look up too.

BH: What are your thoughts on Lamon Brewster traveling to Germany to defend his title?

He’s going to knock that boy out, we can’t be there at his fight but our spirit will be there with him and God is watching over him so he is going to come back victorious again.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview or say in closing?

Well, since my last fight I have grown, right now I have accepted my loss and I know what I done wrong in that fight. So on this stage I am going to show that I have been correcting my mistakes, I am not going to make that mistake twice. It is going to be a good fight man, I am encouraging everybody to come out and see because it ain’t going to be a fight that people don’t want to see, they are going to see a fight where somebody is going to get knocked out, they will leave there satisfied. I hope people will be satisfied with this performance that I am getting ready to put on. And I thank Showtime for giving me the opportunity once again to prove myself.

I would like to thank Owen Beck for his time and thoughts for the Doghouse; as usual it is greatly appreciated. Owen would also like to be recognized as a Fighter of Faith
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