Robert Guerrero: Staying strong and moving on, the Ghost reappears!
INTERVIEW by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (September 14, 2005)  
Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero
Undefeated stinging southpaw Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero 15-0-1 (8) is back and ready to pick up where he left off five months ago, back in the ring, back to entertaining and back to winning!

The twenty-two year old elusive featherweight will return to the square on the 16th of this month at the Palace Indian Gaming Center in Lemoore, CA and his opponent at the time of this interview is the dreaded TBA, but that doesn’t worry the NABF featherweight champion who is ready and willing to face anybody and everybody that steps in his way of being a world champion. The California native has stormed the featherweight division with his slick style and peppered his opponents with his aggressive power and uncanny ring abilities, and the young pugilist has left a path of fallen foes behind him.

Guerrero who is growing more aggressive in his style has come on strong, excluding a bout with Julian Rodriguez in ’04 which was ruled a TD, the hard hitter has stopped his last seven opponents by knockout, two in the opening round. His last three W’s were all impressive knock outs, Enrique Sanchez 8th round TKO, Cesar Figueroa 4th round KO where he also earned his NABF strap and Adrian Valdez 12th round TKO have all fell to Robert’s wrath. When you hear the name Robert Guerrero you know you are dealing with one of today’s top young guns, and he is just getting warmed up. He is staying strong and moving on and gives the Doghouse his thoughts on it all in another interview, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey Robert, first off I just want to say thanks for taking the timeout of your training to give your thoughts for the Doghouse readers. How has camp been?

Robert Guerrero:
Camp has been great, it’s one of the best camps that I have ever had. Everything has been going so smooth, God has really blessed me with a great camp and everything is going just great.

BH: When we last spoke you were getting ready for Adrian Valdez in April, you won that bout with a twelfth round TKO, give us your thoughts on the victory, the fight itself and how it felt going twelve rounds for the first time.

It was a fight that I needed; going twelve rounds it is an experience that I needed to see what it was like to be in a twelve round fight. Out of that fight I learned so much, how to go twelve rounds, how to adjust in a fight and how to adapt to different situations in the ring. It was a great experience foe me to be in there with a fighter like Adrian Valdez that just gave so much movement during the fight to where I had to adapt to that and cut the ring and find ways in., it was a great experience.

BH: You are fighting the 16th in Lemoore, CA is there an opponent named at this time?

As of right now I have no idea who it is, but I will be ready for whomever they bring.

BH: How does that affect your training and mental state going into this bout not knowing whom your opponent is in less than a week to fight?

It doesn’t phase me at all because fact is when I train I don’t train just for a particular style; I train for basically every style that I can think of. Being a professional you have to be able to adapt to styles, you have to know how to change things up and that is one of the things that my trainer John Bray and I have been working on. The main focus is being at that world-class level that is being able to adapt because you never know which fighter is going to come in that night. You could be watching Morales and he can be on the inside backing away and a fight after that he is on his toes boxing, you never know how a fighter is going to come in to a ring.

BH: What are your thoughts on the recent events in the division with Marquez being stripped and Juarez being defeated, do you feel this is something you can capitalize on?

Unfortunate for them those things like that happen and it is boxing, and it gives me more of an opportunity to capitalize on it and go from there and see what I can do in the featherweight division now.

BH: How was it sparring with the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Isreal Vasquez and what did you take away positive from that experience?

Sparring with those guys is like this, when you are sparring with world champs it is always a great experience because they are at the height of their game and to see what they have right in front of you and not just from the outside viewing it doing different things and changing things up on you and working strategies and figuring things out and setting you up it makes you that much better. You get a lot out of it, you get more experience out of it and you just learn so much off of veteran fighters as them.

BH: OK, I know you will fight anybody, and you aren’t much for calling people out, but if you had your way whom would you face next, and why?

I want to fight everybody, whoever it is this is boxing, I want to give the fans the best possible fights that are out there. Getting in with the best like Marquez, Juarez, Barrera, Morales, and Pacquiao, anybody in that group I would love to step in with. They are the best at the weight and being in my weight categories those are the guys the fans want to see me fight and want to see younger fighters compete against and that is what I look for. I am not directing my self to a certain person; I am directing myself to the whole division.

BH: You are a solid faith filled man who carries his Christian faith in the ring, how important do you feel faith is to a man and his career, and do you feel that your faith has played a major factor in your success, where would you be without it?

Without faith I wouldn’t be where I am at, and that is the bottom line. There would be no Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero, and all things come from the blessings of God. In my career in boxing and out side of the ring in life in general my savior Jesus Christ is the first person I look at, at all times and then it is everything else after that. He is the first thing I look to and nothing else, before a fight, getting ready for a fight, getting ready for training, getting up in the morning going to bed eating, no matter what it is it is my faith in the Lord that keeps me driving and going. His blessing is putting me in the positions that I am in. I really feel if there were more fighters that would put their faith in the Lord boxing would just explode.

BH: What have you learned about yourself these last few bouts?

Right now I am still at that stage of learning, sparring with world champs and guys that are just at that supreme level and being with these guys I am doing very well, and it gives me that confidence that hey God is blessing me with the talents that are no joke. These talents that God has blessed me with can sweep the division.

BH: Is there anything you want to add or say in closing, you have open forum to speak your mind.

Just put God first and let everything go from there, that’s all I can say put the Lord first and go from there, everything will fall into place.

I would like to think Mario Serrano for setting up another great interview, and a big shout out goes to Robert for his time and thoughts, as always they are greatly appreciated. For more info on the Ghost check out: And Robert is also recognized as a
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