“Just put them in there and I will knock them out!”
Interview with undefeated heavyweight contender Owen 'What the Heck' Beck
By Benny Henderson Jr. (September 24, 2004) 
Owen ' What the Heck' Beck
Undefeated heavyweight contender Owen Beck is ready to step up against the best to beat the best to be the best. He wants nothing more than to become the undefeated undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and he will open up a can of whoop ass on any opponent that gets in his way or says different. His speed and ability to knock out his opponents with either hand mixed with the confidence and skills he picks up along the way will surely help him on his journey to the heavyweight crown. After a total of twenty-four heavyweight bouts with no losses and eighteen by the way of the short route, Beck looks forward to captivating the fans with his sportsmanship and his ability to win in entertaining fashion. The twenty-eight year old native of Jamaica is promoted by Don King Productions and has teamed up with ex-trainer of heavyweight great Mike Tyson, Aaron Snowell, in his quest for the greatest prize in professional sports. The power-punching pugilist is set to face Chris Koval, 20-1 (16), at Madison Square Garden on October 2nd of this year in what will be Beck’s sixth bout of 2004. It will also be his first fight in the Mecca of boxing and he promises that he is more than ready to put his opponent out cold and continue his winning streak. The Nashville-based puncher stopped by the Doghouse and let it all hang out. In this exclusive interview he talks about his past fights, his thoughts on boxing and his future in the heavyweight division.

Benny Henderson Jr.: What inspired you to box?

Owen Beck:
It was my dream to fight since I was four or five years old even though I didn’t start to box till I was ten years old. The reason why I started was because I watched a lot of Ali fights and Joe Louis fights and that really inspired me to get in there and fight.

BH: Your last bout ended with a first round KO of Troy Weida. He is a guy who has a lot of ring experience with a total of sixty-three bouts under his belt. Did you expect to end the fight so quickly with a fighter with such experience?

Honesty I went in there to get him out in the first round. I didn’t expect it to actually end that early but that was my fight plan. He has been in there with a lot of guys and went the distance but I wasn’t that.

BH: You have five first round knockouts, eight second round knockouts and eighteen in all. When the bell rings do you just automatically look for the KO?

Nah, I just go in there to prove myself and prove that I am the heavyweight that the world has been looking for. My plans are to go out there and show my skills and my talents and show the world what I have got.

BH: You have a strong work ethic, you had four fights in 2000, seven fights in 2001, three in 2002 two in 2003 and you already have five this year and counting. Do you have any time for anything else?

OB: My whole plan is to get in there and to do it. Like I told Don King, just put them in there and I will knock them out.

BH: With that many fights a year do you ever get burnt out with boxing?

OB: Oh no, not yet. I haven’t got to that point yet and I am not looking to get to that point yet. [Laughing]

BH: You know the heavyweight division seems to be going through some dark ages at this point. Do you feel like you are the answer to the division that could bring it back to life?

Most defiantly, my whole plan is to be the undefeated and the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. There is no doubt in my mind that I can’t do it, I have all the confidence in the world. That is my aim and that is where I am going.

BH: Do you feel that you are ready to step up and fight the top guys in your division?

OB: Oh yea, that is what I am waiting for.

BH: If it were up to you who would you step up in the ring against?

Basically I want everybody. I just want to be the best and compete against the best, that’s all I want to do is be the best.

BH: What do you feel your best quality as a fighter is?

I think my speed tells everything because whenever I go up in my speed everything is just perfect. My timing my distance and my defense, all of it comes in perfect when I use my speed.

BH: It has been said before that there could possibly be a bout between you and Hasim Rahman.

I don’t know, I just don’t know. If that were in the making then I wouldn’t mind it happening. Yes Rahman is a big puncher and all of that but I don’t think he has anything that could match with me.

BH: How long have you been with working with Don King?

I’m in my third year with Don King now.

BH: How has it been working with him?

It has been good, there’s not much to complain about with Don King because everything that Don King has promised me it has happened. I think it is really great working with Don King.

BH: Looking at the champions today, WBC Champ Vitali Klitschko, WBA John Ruiz, IBF Chris Byrd and WBO Lamon Brewster; how do you feel you would size up against these fighters?

OB: I will fit in perfect in that spot. The only competition that I think I would have would be with Chris Byrd. The speed of the other champs looks like they are in slow motion, but Byrd is fast and tricky.

BH: What do you do when you are not boxing?

OB: I’m involved in other sports like basketball and I like messing around in wrestling. Out side of sports is church and ministering to young people.

BH: What can the boxing fans expect from Owen Beck in the near future?

OB: Exciting fights, more of the sportsmanship that people wants to see.

BH: Is there anything that you want to add to this interview?

OB: All the heavyweights are going to have to look out because Owen 'What the Heck' Beck is coming for what is rightfully his. I want to thank God for this opportunity and Don King for helping the young fighters to accomplish their dreams. To the fans, thanks.

I would like to thank Owen 'What the Heck' Beck for his time and thoughts for the fans. I got the pleasure to meet Owen and I must say he is a very intelligent and respectful fighter and I would like to wish him luck in his career.
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