David Rodriguez: “One step at a time”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Oct 10, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Undefeated heavyweight hopeful David Rodriguez 29-0 (27) is taking life as well as his career one step at a time, and with his last outing, a first round romping over veteran Andy Sample, Rodriguez feels that he is getting closer to his ultimate goal of becoming heavyweight champion of the world.

In his time as a pro, Rodriguez has banged out twenty-nine consecutive wins, and stopped twenty-three of his opponents in the opening round, and with his recent title, the Mexico heavyweight strap, David
has garnered three belts. But even with the success in his career, the tough Texan has faced criticism from media for his slow move up the ladder.

And all though it gets tiring at times for Rodriguez to listen to it all, the vet simply states, “It is in God’s time”.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Rodriguez speaks on his recent victory, the future and touches on what he calls the haters, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You recently earned the Mexican heavyweight title by stopping Andy Sample, give the readers your thoughts on the fight.

David Rodriguez:
It was a quick win, it was a really great body shot that I hit him with. I felt great, I felt that I accomplished what I went out there to do in Mexico City. I went out there and got the title.

BH: How did it feel to win the Mexico heavyweight title in Mexico?

I am very proud of it, it is my biggest belt yet. I am very proud to represent Mexico, it is a big honor for me.

BH: What is next for you?

We are not really sure, that is up to my management, but, I am looking to fight at least one or two more times this year. Building it slowly taking another step up the ladder. I am 29-0 and I feel that we need to start fighting tougher opponents, but at the same time gain experience from each one.

BH: What about the haters out there who pretty much bash you and your opponents and such?

Thank you, thank you because you drive my fire, you drive me. I love the haters, the haters push me to work harder. I would like to thank them as much as the supporters, because if everybody supported me than I would have no drive. The haters make me work harder.

BH: Anything in closing?

I am going to keep plugging along, and I should be set for three more fights, we are taking gradual steps and each opponent is going to get tougher. I think that I have passed all the tests so far and I am going to keep doing so, I feel that I am getting closer to my goal. I am a good four to six fights away from a championship fight, and until then I am going to have to keep improving. And all glory be to God, like I have told everybody it is on God’s time.

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