Joan Guzman; “This will be fight of the year!”
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr (Oct 11, 2007) DoghouseBoxing        
The undefeated WBO super featherweight title holder Joan Guzman 27-0 (17) is more than ready for a fight, and come November 17th for all the fight fans ringside from the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, and viewers world wide witnessing the action on HBO’s Boxing After Dark, they will see him in one when he defends his strap against the WBO’s #3 contender Humberto Soto 43-5-2 (27). A fight that Guzman claims will be fight of the year.

For ten years now Guzman has wreaked havoc on his foes leaving a path of fallen victims that include Fernando Beltran Jr., Jorge Rodrigo Barrios and in his last outing out pointed Antonio Davis. Now with nearly a year hiatus from the ring Guzman prepares for Soto, and his future.

Joan Guzman took the time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing ands gives his thoughts on his upcoming fight, enjoy.

(Translated by Sivel)

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off Joan I would like to say thanks for taking the timeout to speak to Doghouse Boxing, give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming title defense against Humberto Soto.

Joan Guzman:
I know it is going to be a pretty tough fight that is why I have been training very hard. I am waiting for this fight to happen so I can show the world that I am the best fighter at 130-pounds since I have not fought in a while.

BH: How has your training been for this fight?

Nothing has changed, it is just a little harder since Soto is a tough fighter and has had several fights this year where I have not fought in a few months.

BH: Do you feel the layoff will have an affect on this fight?

I don’t think the layoff will do much because I have been training the past four months and I am going to be relaxed than Soto in this fight.

BH: Soto recently stated in an interview with Doghouse writer Gabriel Montoya that you like to intimidate your opponents, is that some thing you try to accomplish?

I don’t feel that I intimidate anybody at all. (Laughs)

BH: Soto also said that he felt this would be the fight of the year, how do you see this fight playing out?

This definitely has the potential of being fight of the year, it is a great Mexican fighter versus another Hispanic fighter with me being Dominican. A boxer versus a puncher so it definitely has the potential of being fight of the year.

BH: This will be your fourth fight at super featherweight, will you hang around to try to unify the 130-pound titles or will you bump up to 135?

I want to show everybody that I am the best at 130-pounds and would love to unify the titles but if nobody steps up than obviously I will have to move up to 135-pounds. Barrera has retired and maybe even Pacquiao will move up and nobody else is stepping up to the plate to fight me.

BH: What do you feel are your best qualities as a fighter?

I do not take a lot of punches.

BH: I have read that you had a rough upbringing, do you that is the fuel that drives you, if not what is it?

At the beginning of my career my upbringing was my motivation, but I have surpassed that now. Now my main motivation is to show everybody that I am the best and there is a great Dominican fighter out there right now.

BH: I know that you are focused on Soto, but what other names out there in the division or around your division give you interest?

Right now I am focused on Soto and I am not really looking beyond this fight, but I really would like to fight Pacquiao.

BH: If you could use Doghouse Boxing as a platform to send out a message to Soto before this fight, what would it be?

(Laughs) I wish him good luck for this fight.

BH: Anything you would like to add or say in closing?

I know that Mexican fighters are very tough fighters and are well prepared for their fights therefore I am doing the same and this will be fight of the year!

Doghouse Boxing would like to thank Lee Bates and Jose Nunez for the help in setting up this interview. A thanks goes out to Joan for his time and thoughts.

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