Sechew Powell set for Showtime
Interview with undefeated junior middleweight sensation
Interview By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (October 14, 2005)  
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Brooklyn native Sechew Powell, 17-0 (11), brings the pain to the opposition and the stinging southpaw is looking to continue the punishment on November 4th on Showtime’s Shobox: The New Generation at 11 PM ET/PT when the twenty-six year old banger faces another power puncher in Archak TerMeliksetian, 15-1 (12), at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma.

The slick New Yorker has terrorized the junior middleweight division and is coming off of two spectacular knockout victories. Last May Sechew stepped in with another undefeated vet on Showtime, and what the crowd received was an astonishing moment in the opening seconds when both fighters simultaneously dropped one another with the first punch thrown in the fight. Both rose to their feet and Powell landed a thumping left hand to drop Cornelius Bundrage and gain the W in just twenty-two seconds. Continuing his bid to be the best, Sechew rocked and shocked the former world champion Santiago Samaniego in three rounds at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

The former Golden Gloves champion has been perfect in his climb to the top so far and has defeated top opposition to prove his legitimacy. On November 4th the ‘Iron Horse’ plans on trampling the LA-based Armenian in another action packed entertaining show for the fans. The undefeated one took time out of his intense training to speak to the Doghouse, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey Sechew, since we last spoke you have had two explosive victories, I just want to say congrats on the well deserved W’s can you give us your thoughts your last victory over the former world champ Santiago Samaniego?

Sechew Powell: Basically the last fight Benny went pretty fast. I fought Santiago who has a lot of experience although I don’t think I fought the best Samaniego, I didn’t fight Samaniego at his best. But I still had the opportunity to take something away from the bout as far as the experience that he had, it raised me experience level to work with him. It was a good fight even though it wasn’t the Samaniego of old; it was still a good experience for me.

BH: How about your thoughts on the Bundrage fight and all twenty-two seconds of it.

SP: The Bundrage fight was just explosive, I can’t really sit here and try to maneuver through it like first I did this and I did that. We went straight to the middle of the ring and went straight to the battle and he came up short and I came out victorious. If I had to call it I was a bit faster and I was quicker to the target and I was just the better man that night.

BH: Right off the bat you two landed on one another and went down, how dazed where you and what was going through your mind in this bout, I mean it was pretty quick?

SP: To tell you the truth I was not dazed at all, it was a flash knockdown, the force of the shot pushed me over to my right and his foot was sticking out and his right foot got caught up and the force of the punch put me down. It had no affect on me but on the other hand, the right hook that I landed against him, I knew it was a punishing blow. When we both scrambled to our feet I knew that he was pretty much cooked and he was ready to be done. If you look at the tape you can see that.

BH: You told the Doghouse before the Bundrage fight that you felt that match-up would push you into a different atmosphere as far as rankings go, and you felt that a victory would evolve you into a contender instead of a prospect. What are your thoughts now, how much of an impact do you feel your last two victories has had on the ranking bodies and your status as a major player in your division?

SP: I think that the last two fights have had pretty much no affect on the rankings, a very minimal affect on the rankings sadly to say. They barely recognized those two fights. What did happen I was able to gain the respect of a few more fight fans and for that I am grateful. I am just going to continue to work until the boxing world and the ranking bodies start to recognize me as a major player. The fans are the ones who are most important and if I can inspire one person to do something good then my goal has been accomplished. Just the fact that people came to me and said what an exciting fight, I could see the excitement in the face when they run it back to me, I am grateful for that, I am grateful that I provided some entertainment for the true boxing fans.

BH: Give us your thoughts on your upcoming bout against Archak TerMeliksetian.

SP: It is going to be a bigger challenge, he is one of the better opponents that I have faced throughout my career so far. I definitely believe that he is going to come to win, but I feel like I have a bit more skill than him, I feel that I am a bit more polished than him and that’s what I am looking for to be my keys to success on November 4th. All the same I think it is going to be an exciting fight, he is a good fighter so I expect a good fight.

BH: Here you have a guy who is another heavy hitter, are you anticipating another explosive Powell performance?

SP: Yes I am as a matter of fact. I am expecting him to being his guns, he is definitely going to come with his guns blazing and that in return is going to spark the same kind of fight out of me even though I am looking to be slick and smart in boxing. When they bring out the heavy guns you have to return the fire, it might actually end up an explosive fight, a high impact fight and I am preparing myself for that.

BH: What have you learned about yourself in the last three years as a professional?

SP: That’s a good question Benny. I guess overall I’ve learned that you got to just stay positive and you have to believe in yourself because in this sport there are so many people that doubt you on a regular basis. No matter what you do you are not going to satisfy every critic so you just have to stay positive and don’t let the negative criticism make you negative. Just be positive and continue to accomplish your goals and try to get where you are going and for me that is to the top and that is to be a world champion. I have learned to continue to stay humble and strive for my goals.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to this or say inclosing?

SP: Well first off I just want to say thank you to you Benny man for always reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to speak on Doghouse and I just want to tell everybody to tune into Showtime November 4th because I am going to provide for you the best show that I can. I am working really hard training and I think it is going to be an exciting match-up and you don’t want to miss it, it is going to be something to watch.

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