Travis Walker; “I was wronged and I want a rematch!”
By Benny Henderson Jr (Oct 22, 2007) DoghouseBoxing (Photo © Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)        
This past Friday night from Raley Field in West Sacramento, CA televised on Showtime previously undefeated heavyweight rising star Travis Walker 25-1-1 (19) got a taste of defeat in a bad and controversial way from the hands of referee Raul Caiz and his opponent T.J. Wilson 12-1 (8), and the Houston heavyweight wants a rematch.

Travis spoke to Doghouse Boxing and gave his thoughts on this recent controversial loss, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: What are your thoughts on the early stoppage?

Travis Walker: Honestly if you watch it close, the referee as soon as T.J. came over and threw his first two punches the referee was on my left side and looked like he was about to jump in then. I countered and he ran to the other side and jumped in, so my opinion the referee had his mind on jumping in anyway. That is how I feel.

BH: Honestly were you hurt anytime during this fight?

I don’t feel like I was hurt, I have had some people tell me that I looked like I was hurt because my hands was dropped, but I did not feel like I was hurt. The power that he did show me did not show me enough, the power that came from him I did not feel could hurt me. I don’t think I was hurt.

BH: Well, you have been successful in all your fights prior to this one, how does it feel to finally get a loss, right or wrong on the call, how does it feel to drop one?

Boxing fans, and anybody who knows boxing and fans of mine those are the ones I care about, they saw what happened and they know what happened. Yeah my record is hurt with the blemish and it hurts to say it but you guys
knew what happened and when I get a chance to fight Wilson again I can show them that, that was bull.

BH: Do you feel that you should have done something different like take a knee, grab and hold or something?

It all happened the way it happened. I could have grabbed him real quick and then threw him into the corner or when he first came over stopped him with the one two, but it did not work out that way. If anything the ref should of giving me a standing eight count. That was the craziest thing I am like…wow. I don’t know what the deal was.

BH: Did you talk to the referee after the fight or T.J.?

I spoke with T.J., the only thing I asked him was, I asked him if I could get a rematch and he said yeah, he said there was no problem and he would do it. Then I saw on the Internet that he would rather fight somebody else.

BH: Why would he want to fight somebody else when he could fight you again, I mean regardless of how he did win and the money.

He said that I did not show him enough for him to give me a rematch. Damn right I did not show him enough I did not get a chance to show anything. Who showed what? We didn’t have time. The only ting he showed was that he had a referee on his side; I have a bad thing with ref’s man. The last fight I had with Garcia I could of stopped him in the second round but because of the referee and the fifteen second count I had to go the distance with this guy. My first TV fight was against Jason Gavern, and the referee allowed Jason to recover after I gave him a body shot, man I must have a thing with ref’s. It is real frustrating.

BH: On lighter note do you think you should buy the ref’s a gift basket before the fights?

(Both laughing) That sounds like something I should do expect you never know who your ref is going to be.

BH: What message would you like to send out to T.J. Wilson?

Let’s have a real fight, you the man you feel like you are the man; let’s have a real fight. If he is the man and feels as if he is the real man then let’s have a real fight. Fight me, that was no fight and he said it was no fight, so fight me! This is a man’s sport so be a man about it and fight me, if he felt that is he was wronged I would give him a rematch, well I was wronged so give me the rematch, that call was dead wrong, so give me the rematch!

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