Brian Minto: “Byron Polley is going to sleep!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (Nov 15, 2007) Doghouse Boxing  
Heavyweight contender Brian Minto 28-2 (17) closes out the year December 30th at the Mountaineer Racetrack in Chester, WV, when he takes on the battle-tested veteran Byron Polley 21-7-1 (10) in a scheduled twelve round bout for the vacant WBA Fedecentro heavyweight title, a fight that Minto predicts will not go the distance.

Minto, who is coming off a first round romping over Ray Lunsford, had his sights set on the undefeated Joe Mesi as well as Roman Greenberg, but after both fights fell through a discouraged Minto was offered up the Polley fight. He gladly
accepted and the two will face off December 30th at Minto’s second home, the Mountaineer Racetrack & Gaming Resort in Chester, WV. Read on to see what ‘The Beast’ had to say on his upcoming bout as well as his thoughts on 2008, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming December 30th bout against Byron Polley.

Brian Minto: It is another fight that brings me closer to my goal. I think it is going to be an entertaining fight, he comes straightforward with big shots and as soon as I catch him he is going to sleep.

BH: There was rumors that you could have possibly faced Joe Mesi or Roman Greenberg, why didn’t any of those fights materialize?

The money did not work out, the people promoting the show did not want to put the money up that we both wanted in our purses.

BH: After this bout would you still possibly like to face either of the two?

BM: Yeah, people have been ridiculing me about this fight with Polley, telling me to step up and such, well boxing is also a business. Money talks as far as opponents go, if I am going to step up and fight somebody I am going to make some money, but then again if the money is not available then you have to fight whoever they are going to pay for. I have no control over who I fight, my manager picks my fights and it has to do with the budget with the promotional part.

BH: What do you know of Byron Polley?

I have never seen him fight, I know he is coming off three wins in his last four fights, they approved him. This is a stepping stone for me to get a ranking, that was pretty much our goal and if I have to fight another fight as such maybe we can get Mesi in the summer.

BH: Byron was interviewed in your local paper, the Butler Eagle, and he had a few choice words, not exactly about you but concerning your quality of opponents, his exact quote, “I don’t know about his opponents…I’m coming to fight, not to take my money and lay down for him like a lot of he’s fought.” Your thoughts on his quote as well as the others he made in that interview.

I expect anyone coming in to think that they are going to win and be confident in their ability. I think that the quality of opposition that I have fought, yeah there are some guys on there that I may agree on but then again I have been in some world class guys too, so he cannot sit there and say that I have fought all nobody’s. If that is what he has to do to make himself feel confident than more power to him. I know what he is, and what I am going to do and what I am capable of doing in the ring. It is kind of good too because I am glad to know that he is coming in for a nice competitive fight and that he is not going to lie down. This is probably his biggest payday and he is going to come and fight and give it his all.

BH: What changes have you made in your camp and training?

I hired strength and conditioning coach, we have been working on a lot of explosive training with weight and speed drills. I work with him three days a week and I think he is the missing piece to developing more pumicing power. I have put a lot of muscle on and I feel in great shape, I am actually leaner.

BH: We both know that Byron has been on your website putting some stuff out on your forum, what message would you like to send out to this guy?

Like I said on my forum, better quick talking smack because of you look at the picture on my front page of my last fight that is what is going to happen to you. I don’t like to talk smack but then again he is, whatever, we will see when we get into the December 30th, as soon as I starch him he is done.

BH: This will be your last fight of 2007, thus far how would you grade 2007?

2007 had its ups and downs for me but I am still moving forward and I think it was a good year for me. I am ready to continue and getting better and hopefully by the summer of 2008 something big will happen for me as a title fight.

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to thank my fans, for all your support and staying behind me even though I have had some bumps in the road. 2008 will be my year.

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