Lamon Brewster Part One: “Anybody who stands in my way is going to get knocked out”
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Nov 15, 2008)  
Thirty knockouts, thirteen of his unlucky victims never made it out of the first round, foes such as Andrew Golota, Luan Krasniqi and Wladimir Klitschko have fallen from his power, and come November 29th from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, the former WBO, reigning and defending NABA heavyweight titleholder Lamon Brewster 34-4 (30) looks to continue his run back to the top as he takes on the former WBA heavyweight titlist Bruce Seldon 39-7 (35) in a scheduled twelve round heavyweight match-up.

Since his debut the fall of 1996, Brewster has proven to be a power punching power house of a heavyweight. Known as a massive left hooker, Brewster has almost racked up an 80% knockout ratio, and in his climb back to the top, the relentless one strongly states that all who stand in his way of the heavyweight crown will taste leather and hit canvas.

In part one of this two part interview conducted with Brewster, Lamon speaks on his recent comeback and what the future holds for his upcoming foes, enjoy.

BH: You made your successful comeback by defeating Danny Batchelder August 30th, give the readers your thoughts on that fight.

Well that was a terrific fight for me because Batchelder was crafty, he maneuvered well in trying to keep me from setting or what not. He knew he could not stand in front of me. I had been off for such a long time and I really wanted to win, if you think about it the last fight that I won before Batchelder was around two years ago when I defeated Krasniqi, then I lost to Sergei and was off and fought Klitschko. You know me I was more fixed about trying to get a victory under my belt, Batchelder was a very worthy opponent because he moves, he worked off the angles, he was slick he did what he had to do in trying to win, but God was on my side and I came up with the victory. That was a good fight for me, I am looking forward to going out there and keeping the ball rolling.

BH: Although some may blast Danny for some of his losses, the guy has been around and is tough. In watching the fight I thought that Danny gave you trouble in the beginning, but once you got your timing you did what you had to do in the fifth round.

One misconception about me which plays into the ignorance of people, winning a fight is not about winning every round, understand it does not matter who wins the first twenty-five miles of a marathon, it is who wins that last mile to cross the finish line. If people knew boxing it is not all about winning the rounds, Hagler did not go out there to win every round, Ali, he did not go out there to win every round, look how many rounds he gave to Foreman. They say this is a sweet science, but I think it is a lost science when a man thinks because another man lost a round he lost the fight. People say, oh, Krasniqi was beating you, he was beating me because I was not caring about trying to wins rounds, my object was to knock him out. Chavez, when he was Roger Mayweather, he gave up rounds, but he was doing damage to Roger, and he knew Roger would not be able to finish the fight, and he knocked him out. I do not allow myself to fall into the media or what people say, the only that matters is that I win, and I win the way that I know how and that is not always starting off first. Sometimes first is last, it is all about strategy, like checkers and boxing, I play chess and I always win.

BH: You have the Relentless Events company now, who in association of C Believe is promoting this fight. Why come to a Relentless Events show?

Because we are not just giving you fights, we are giving you a weekend, there are other things that we are doing during the course of the weekend so that when you come, people won’t say that they just come to a fight. But on top of that, we are putting you with some genuine fights, these guys don’t come in to lay down, they come to fight, they give it their best. It is a time for us fighters to stand up and save boxing, boxing has went down hill because people has just started fighting for pay checks, fighters have gotten lazy, they are just trying to get money, they are not out there fighting from the heart. I am putting fights together with guys who want to fight, I am not begging anybody to fight, if you want to fight I am going to give you a chance.

BH: Where does Lamon Brewster fit in the heavyweight division?

You know what, I tell you what, I am going to let the people decide where they want me to be, then I am going to decide it with my fists. I can go out there and tell you, yes I feel like I should be at the top, but you know what, like I told everybody after the Klitschko fight, I need some tune up fights, I have been off for two long. I needed some tune up fights and the fact is that I did not, so now I am taking my time and going to have me a few tune ups, then I am coming back to the top, and I will not be denied, and anybody who is standing in my way is going to get knocked out.

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