Sechew Powell: “Cauthen is standing in front of my destiny!”
By Benny Henderson Jr (Nov 20, 2007) Doghouse Boxing 
Coming up December 5th from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL, once beaten super welterweight contender Sechew Powell 21-1 (12) returns to the ring to face New Jersey’s Terrence Cauthen 32-3 (9) in a scheduled twelve round IBF title elimination bout.

The ‘Iron Horse’ has had a respectable five-year career with wins over the likes of Cornelius Bundrage (TKO 1), Robert Frazier (UD 10) and most recently season one of ‘The Contender’ Ishe Smith (UD 10). The
only blemish on Powell’s record came from the hands of Kasim Ouma the summer of 2006. Now with a win under his belt the twenty-eight year old Brooklyn native is rearing and ready to get back in the mix of things and his climb to the top begins December 5th.

Powell took the time out of his training to give his thoughts to the Doghouse, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: December 5th you will be facing Terrance Cauthen for the IBF title eliminator, give the readers your thoughts.

Sechew Powell:
Ah man I am excited Benny, it is like a dream come true. If you would have talked to me three or four months ago I was in a place not anywhere close to where I am now, so it is a blessing from the Lord to be in this position. I am back on track and I did not even finish where I left off, I just picked it up at even a better place so I am happy.

BH: How is it working with Buddy McGirt?

SP: Ah man it has been going well, we are just meshing even more. He is somebody who I respect and admire and I feel much better with him in my corner.

BH: I know Cauthen is not much of a power puncher, a bit more of a boxer, but what type of fight are you expecting with Terrence?

He is an accomplished fighter, he had a great amateur background and won a bronze medal at the Olympics so he still has that amateur style so to speak to where he is bouncing around and hard to cut off, he has a good set of wheels. I have had the opportunity to observe a few of his fights and he creates a very ugly fight, a very ugly fight so I am expecting a very ugly fight. He is a very wiry guy but I am preparing the best I can. I think the main problem I am going to have is dealing with his awkwardness.

BH: You have a promoter now, who are they?

Big Dog, I mean not Big Dog, you’re big dog, (laughs) I am with Bad Dog Promotions, they do local shows out of Miami, it is a multi-promotional deal because as well as them I am with Seminole Warriors.

BH: How is that working out?

It’s good, it works good, Seminole Warriors is the bigger portion of my promotional deal, they are the ones who negotiated the big fights for me, they got me this fight with is a title eliminator Benny. We are fighting for the IBF title eliminator and whoever wins it gets a crack at Cory Spinks. The smaller portion which is Bad Dog, they have a lot of shows so if I need to stay busy I can work with them, I will always bee in a fight and that is a good thing.

BH: If successful you will be facing Cory Spinks, your thoughts, on the sound of that?

It sounds good, it is the kind of fight that I am looking for that is the kind of fight that can really break me out as a well known figure in the boxing game and that is what I am looking for. I have a great deal of respect for Cory; he is talented and skilled, and on a personal level we have spent some time together and he is really a cool dude. But even Cory can respect the fact that there is something on the line and this is about success and pride and I am coming to win. If I get a shot at him I am looking to take him out.

BH: If you could use Doghouse Boxing as a platform and send out a message to your upcoming opponent Terrence Cauthen, what would you say?

Ah man, I would tell Terrence to bring a knife with him in the ring, (laughs). No, I am just kidding. I would tell him to bring his A-game because he is standing in front of what I feel is my destiny. I am looking to take him out; nothing personal it is strictly business.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to or say in closing of this interview?

I am just glad to be back in the ring, in what I call a major fight and a major opportunity. I just feel revised an refreshed in the boxing, I am glad to be back on Doghouse, I am glad to be back on Doghouse in the Dog Pound and I am glad to be back in the game, I want everybody to pay attention because I am looking to grab the attention of the fight fans once again.

I would like to thank Sechew Powell for taking the time out to give his thoughts to the Doghouse.

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