Reggie Johnson: “My fight against Glen Johnson will be my greatest masterpiece!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (Nov 27, 2007) Doghouse Boxing 
Two-time world champion Reggie Johnson 43-7-1 (25) is injury free and ready to get back in the mix, and the forty-one year old fighter still has his sights set on the ‘Road Warrior’ Glen Johnson 46-11-2 (31), a fight that ’Sweetness’ demands will be his greatest masterpiece.

Hailing from south Texas, Reggie Johnson has had a stellar twenty-four years in the ‘sweet science’. As a professional Johnson has pounded out wins over the likes of William Guthrie (TKO 5), Steve Collins (MD 12), Ole
Klemesten (UD 12) and Chris Johnson (UD 12). He also has had split decisions losses against the likes of James Toney, Jorge Fernando Castro and Antonio Tarver. Although the Houstonite has tacked on the WBA middleweight and IBF light heavyweight titles, as well as others, Johnson is still hungry for more.

Reggie was scheduled to face the tough battle-tested Glen Johnson this past November 17th in Lake Charles, LA, but an elbow injury sidelined the seasoned vet. Now, he has fully healed and is ready for war. Read on to see what Reggie had to say about his injury, and the rescheduling of Johnson versus Johnson bout, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off Reggie, I would like to say thank you for taking the time out to give your thoughts to Doghouse Boxing, as always it s a pleasure. The burning question…how’s the injury healing up?
Reggie Johnson:
You’re most welcome and thanks for getting the word out to the boxing fans the world over. My right elbow is fine and will be ready when the bell rings for Johnson vs. Johnson. Treatment and rest has me back on track. Thanks for asking.

BH: Any word on your return?
We have a tentative date set for December 29th.

BH: How disappointing was it to be off two years, finally get a big fight with Glen Johnson, then days before the fight suffer an injury to set you back a bit?
I’m excited about winning a third world title and taking care of Glen will position me for the IBF world title against Clinton Woods. So my right elbow injury was somewhat of a let down but I trust the fact that the Johnson vs. Johnson showdown is on, Godspeed.

BH: Again on the time off, you were off three years, stopped Fred Moore in nine rounds summer of 2005, now two years off you are set to face Glen Johnson. Johnson has been very active where you have been off, do you feel this is the right fight for you, why not something to shake off the ring rust?
I know without a doubt this is the right fight for me. I win all my fights in the gym with good solid sparring partners that push me to the limit everyday we spar. My record will prove that each time I have come back from long layoffs I’ve come back stronger and faster and upset the opposition in great fashion. I promise this will be my greatest masterpiece against Glen because he’s become the most feared man in the light heavyweight division and in the boxing industry.

BH: What type of fight is your expecting from Johnson versus Johnson?
I expect this fight to be Fight of the Year. Glen will be Glen and come straight at me because that’s all he seems to know as far as his style. I will be smart early but after the 5th or 6th round I will lay it on the line because a knockout win over Glen will shock the boxing industry. It took Tarver 24 rounds to get a win over Glen and we know what Glen did to future Hall Of Famer Roy Jones. So when I beat Glen Johnson in great fashion how will the boxing community welcome me back? And will Tarver, Jones, Hopkins and Dawson then fight the Man who beat the Man they didn’t and wouldn’t fight?
BH: Do you feel you could still be a force in the light heavyweight division?
I have won two world titles and tons of experience in and out of the ring. For 23 years I fought who was ever put in front of me the World over. Ducking a fighter was never in my DNA. I’m a force in and out of the ring.

BH: You have pretty much done it all, so why continue fighting?
I love my job and I love my family and security for my family is the main motivator. I can also use boxing as a platform to bring awareness to other things that I’m involved in like the youth, community events, breast cancer, Hurricane Katrina and Rita, and a host of other things.

BH: What message would you like to send to Glen?
The best is yet to come… from me and the best Glen Johnson needs to be present the night we meet.

BH: Anything in closing?
I promise to do my part making this Fight of the Year and Glen is in the same frame of mind. Boxing fans will witness the two guys that no one wants to fight battle each other knowing that the loser goes home with the option of hanging up the gloves or starting over. This is a must win for Glen and I. I will lay it all on the line because in my mind losing is not an option for me. I will bring all my guns and I will use all my guns once that bell rings. I have been through a lot as a boy, young man, man, and pro boxer and I’m still standing. I know the God I serve didn’t bring me this far to leave me. I will be GODSPEED ready.
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