Manuel Quezada: "I want to prove to people that I can fight!"
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Nov 28, 2008)  
Heavyweight rising star Manuel Quezada 24-4 (15) is looking to make a name for himself, and come Saturday night he will get his chance to climb another rung in the heavyweight ladder as he takes on Teke Oruh 14-1-1 (6) in a scheduled ten round match-up.

Quezada, who hails from California, made his debut the summer of 2001, and although the thirty-one year old fighter has hit a few bumps in the road, he insists he is ready to step up and show the world that he can fight.

Quezada, who has been raring and ready to fight Oruh for a good while now, gets his chance this Saturday night. In this exclusive interview conduced by Doghouse Boxing, we get his thoughts on his upcoming fight, as well as his thoughts on his future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You will be facing Teke Oruh this weekend. You two were slated to face one another before, but as we all know the fight never went through. So how do you feel with it going down in a few days?

Manuel Quezada:
I am excited man, I am excited to get in the ring and fight, I cannot wait. I have put in hard work and it will be exciting.

BH: You have had some wins over some decent competition, but on paper Teke seems to be one of the toughest cats you have faced thus far, you agree?

Yes, it definitely will be I think, he is big, he has a lot of experience. He gets a lot of great training to where I don’t get the kind of training he does. But it is exciting for me to test myself and see where I am at compared to him and his training.

BH: You are continuing to move up the heavyweight ladder, this is a step up. So where do you see yourself in the heavyweight picture?

That is a good question, I have been under the radar, but I want to prove to people that I can fight. I believe I can compete with most of the heavyweights out there.

BH: What can the fight fans expect out of you come fight night?

They can expect a good action fight, I am ready to go and I am in shape. I want to change the heavyweight division, a lot of people say the division is boring, I want to push the pace and exchange with these guys and make it exciting. So next time they hear my name they will get excited about watching me.

BH: Any message you want to send out to Teke Oruh?

I am not a big talker, so I would say be ready to fight because I am, and let the best man win.

BH: Since your buddy Chris Arreola is fighting on the card against Travis Walker, do you have a prediction?

He is my buddy and I am going to be rooting for Chris, I believe it is going to be a tough exciting fight for Chris.

BH: Yes, Travis is a real good friend of mine (laughing) so I will be rooting for Travis.

(Laughing) Oh, ok, I know Travis, he is a real great guy, and I have nothing bad to say about the guy. But Chris and I go way back, I believe it is going to be a tough fight for both of them and exciting as well.

BH: Anything in closing?

I just want to say thank you man, thank you again for having me on Doghouse Boxing. I cannot wait until the fight, what a way to close out there year.

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