Jeremy Williams: “I’m the baddest mother@!*&%# period!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr. (November 30, 2004)  
Jeremy Willams
Always outspoken and ready to go as ever, the self proclaimed 'Half-Man Half-Amazing' Jeremy Williams is set to face the young hard-hitting Samuel Peter for the vacant NABF heavyweight title on December 4th on Showtime. Williams, a twelve year veteran in the professional ranks, is anxious as hell to get the chance to school the undefeated prospect and will use his ring experience to try to do so. Williams, who started his career as a light heavyweight in 1992, has compiled a career total of 41-4-1 (36) and has battled it out against opponents such as Larry Donald, Phil Jackson and Andre Purlette. Williams, who has speed, good movement and punching power, will be a tough test for Samuel Peter who hasn’t yet faced any fierce competition. Williams is more or less looking at this fight as a chance to prove that he can be the spoiler to yet another young heavyweight as he has proved in the past and is planning on using Peter as a stepping stone to make another run for the top. The 6’2” shoot-from-the-hip brawler had a stellar amateur career at 168-4 and was a two-time world champion and won two national Golden Gloves titles. Jeremy also stared in the movie 'The Champion' alongside Christian singer Carmen where he played the role of the bad boy, a role he hopes to reprise this weekend against the 'Nigerian Nightmare' in his first appearance at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Will this be the beginning of another title run for Jeremy Williams? Tune in on December 4th to Showtime to find out the outcome of this heavyweight showdown. The straight shooting Williams took the time out of his training to chat with the Doghouse. Here is how it went.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Can you give us your thoughts on your upcoming opponent Samuel Peter?

Jeremy Williams:
Samuel Peter is a big, tough, strong kid, but he is no way in my league. He is like twenty-four and zero with twenty knockouts but I don’t see anybody on his record that I couldn’t have beat or anyone on his record that wasn’t scared of him maybe outside of Marian Lewis. Everybody else he fought was sacred of him. I ain’t sacred of him or any other mother@!*&%#, it doesn’t matter to me. I have been hit, I have been knocked out and cut and hurt, I have been in every situation. Now it is about winning a championship and this guy is definitely not going to derail me from my goal.

BH: Samuel is the new guy knocking everybody out that gets in his way, but really hasn’t seemed to be tested in his young career. You on the other hand have fought for several years with a tremendous amount of experience do you feel that your experience will play the major role in this bout?

Well heck yeah. Of course, why not, why wouldn’t it? You know I’m going to use everything that I have to beat this guy. My experiences in the ring, my experiences in life, everyone that Samuel Peters fought has been scared of him. Me, I don’t think much about him. I know he is big and strong but we are all big and strong. He can punch and I can punch so what’s the difference? Now it is about who is smarter and faster and that’s me ten times out of ten. Ain’t no way in the world that I am going in there to let Samuel Peter beat me. Just like when I fought here was another guy thirty and zero or whatever it was with twenty-seven knockouts. He couldn’t lay a hand on me. Another guy just like Samuel Peter a young kid coming up twenty-five and zero with twenty knockouts and he couldn’t hang in the ring with me. So what makes Sam any different than another other guy I fought? What makes him any different from when I fought Bert Cooper or Jessie Ferguson or any of these big strong tough guys that I have fought? I beat them, I beat Ferguson with my mind and then I physically destroyed him. I’m a much better fighter now than I have ever been.

BH: Do you feel that you are being overlooked or being used as a stepping stone by Sam and his team with them wanting to fight you when Sam’s experience is limited compared to yours, or do you feel they may see something in you that they feel like they can capitalize on?

Or maybe they are just trying to cash out this guy because they know they don’t have anything. What about that one maybe? That guy can’t beat me, everybody in boxing knows that he can’t beat me. I am one of those guys who isn’t scared of anything, I’m not scared of him or anybody out there you understand.

BH: What will be your fight strategy?

JW: Anything that he wants to do I will beat him at, if he wants to bang it out, let’s go; if he wants to box it out, let’s do it. Anything, we can fight in a football field or phone booth because at the end of the day I am going to win.

BH: Looking back on your twelve years as a professional boxer, give us some of your most memorable moments?

JW: When I knocked that guy out in eight seconds on Tuesday Night Fights that was pretty cool, I don’t have defining moments as of yet. I am not too worried about what I used to do, I am set on what I am going to do.

BH: Do you feel you ever reached you highest potential as a fighter or is there more out there maybe not to prove but accomplish?

JW: I’m going to become heavyweight champion of the world and fight a few more times and do something nobody else has never done, I am going to offer my fights to the world and then I am done.

BH: Samuel Peter told me that he was going to eat you alive, do you want to respond to that?

JW: Well he might want to eat me alive but I’m not gay, my wife does that.

BH: What does the future hold for Jeremy Williams?

JW: To be heavyweight champion of the world man, I’m the baddest mother@!*&%# on this planet, period!

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

JW: On December 4th I’m going to set the world on check. The heavyweight division is a farce at this point. These guys who are fighting aren’t good and somebody needs to step up, an American guy and take leave. These guys like Chris, John or Lamon hasn’t stepped up and said that I am the premier heavyweight in the world. And people doesn’t have oodles and oodles of faith in Klitschko, who is built like a basketball player who is like 6’9” or whatever, that is just ridiculous to have a 6’9” boxer. And like the rest of these guys I just mentioned, they need to step up and if they won’t, then I will. And if they do then I will anyway, it doesn’t matter.

I would like to thank Jeremy for his time and thoughts on his career. It was entertaining.
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