Danny Garcia: “I am a complete fighter!”
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Dec 5, 2008)  
He was a twice a 2005 amateur champion, as well as a 2006 U.S. National champ, and now after his decorated amateur career, undefeated professional prospect Danny “Swift” Garcia 9-0 (7) looks to continue his winning ways as he paves a path from a prospect, to a contender all the way to a world championship crown, and his journey continues this Saturday on the under card of the De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao clash.

Garcia, who has defeated all in his pathway aims to keep perfection as he takes on tough Mexican warhorse
Francisco Rios Gil 13-8 (9) in Garcia’s first scheduled eight round bout.

The power punching Philly born professional pugilist has his sights set on being the best, and once again in another exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Garcia speaks out on his upcoming fight and his career, enjoy!

Benny Henderson Jr.: What does Danny Garcia bring to the 140-pound division?

Danny Garcia:
I bring speed, power, great boxing skills, heart determination and hunger, and I am exciting.

BH: Coming from Philadelphia, which is such a great hot spot for boxers, do you feel that you have big shoes to feel, maybe a sense of pride?

Yes, there have been so many champions, I want to follow them. Bernard is on his way out, I am the young hungry fighter coming up, hopefully I can take after his shoes.

BH: What do you feel are your greatest assets as a fighter?

My speed, power, my skills. I am strong with my both hands, I can box and bang, I am a complete fighter.

BH: What do you know about your upcoming opponent?

I know his record, and he comes from Mexico so I know he is tough.

BH: How do you feel about fighting in your first eight rounder?

I feel good, I am in great shape.

BH: What drives you to be the best, what motivates you?

Hunger, I have a family that keeps me motivated, and Philly, it is a tough city.

BH: If you could send a message out to the fight world what would it be?

I am a Latino coming from Philly, I am strong and real hungry and I am fighting my way to the top and I will be champion soon.

BH: You were on the under card of the Hatton-Malignaggi bout, what did you think of that fight and how do you compare yourself to those guys?

I did not think that Malignaggi was that good of a fighter, he was not that strong, Hatton is just a strong aggressive guy. I think I am just as strong or stronger.

BH: You are getting sine serious light on the under cards of some big fights, and now you are on the under card of the DLH-PacMan card, what does it mean to you to be on such a big stage?

It is a blessing, God has blessed me to be on these big shows, it keeps me motivated. One day I want to be the main event.

BH: Being on these big cards, which is a bigger stage, do you feel that you have to deliver something bigger?

Yes, I feel like I have to win this fight with a knock out, I am looking to impress.

BH: Let’s say these fans have never seen you fight, what they can expect from a Danny Garcia fight?

Tons of power, blood sweat and tears, the complete package, a great fighter coming up.

BH: If you could sum up Danny Garcia, maybe define Danny Garcia in just three words, what would you say?

That is a good question, I have never thought of that. (Laughs) Swift, determined and handsome. (Laughs)

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