Robert 'The Ghost' Guerrero: The preaching, punching prospect goes for a title
By Benny Henderson Jr. (December 6, 2004)  
Robert 'The Ghost' Guerrero
Featherweight sensation Robert 'The Ghost' Guerrero is back and this time he is making his bid for his first title of his young career. Guerrero is set to take on fight veteran Cesar Figueroa on December 9th for the NABF featherweight title on the Moorer-Jirov undercard that will be televised on The Best Damn Sports Show Period this Thursday night. The undefeated prospect burned up the ring when he faced the old schooled champion Enrique Sanchez on Showtime last June, dropping the former world champion in round eight to get the TKO victory and improving his record to 13-0-1 (6). Guerrero will be taking on yet another tough veteran with much more experience, but when comparing the two but 'The Ghost's' skills, heart and will to win is the balance between the two. Guerrero is exciting to watch and entertains the fans with his quick hands and now the electrifying star brings in trainer John Bray to help equip himself with an even more elusive arsenal. Guerrero hopes to get the world title and use his platform to spread his faith in Christ to others, and his journey to the top begins this Thursday. 'The Ghost' stopped by the Doghouse to talk about his upcoming bout and what the future hopefully holds for this star in the making. Here is how it went.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey Robert how have things been going for you?

Robert Guerrero: Ah things are going great, they are just going real good. I have my new team and we have made a lot of adjustments, just praising the Lord, that is it.

BH: December 9th you’ll be facing Cesar Figueroa for the NABF Featherweight Title. Give us your thoughts on going for your first championship title.

RG: I’m real excited to be there, excited God gave me the opportunity to fight for the title. I’m just ready to do it and I am happy.

BH: Any butterflies?

RG: No, when you are with the Lord, when the Lord’s with you, who can be against you?

BH: How has it been working out for you under the reigns of new trainer John Bray?

Oh things have been going great, things are really riding real smooth. I like training with him he knows a lot, he has a lot of knowledge. He has been teaching me a lot of stuff. Actually he opened my tool shed and just has me using all of my God giving abilities and he’s a great trainer.

BH: What do you know about your opponent Cesar Figueroa?

RG: He’s a solid veteran, he has a lot of experience and he knows how to fight. He knows how to go the rounds and knows when to press and not to press and he is a fighter.

BH: You stepped up and got the big win over fight veteran Enrigue Sanchez last June and now again you are stepping in with a guy who has just as much experience and you have had only fourteen professional bouts. Do you feel this is a smart business move to take on such experienced opponents in your very young career?

RG: Oh yes, I mean my management team has just been doing a good job with moving me along. They have a lot of confidence in me and I have a lot of confidence in them. With my new trainer John Braw you will see a whole new different Robert Guerrero. You will see a lot of new different stuff out of me and I’m ready for this fight I’m ready to step it up, because if you want to be the best you have to fight the best.

BH: You have fourteen bouts and have been in the pro ranks three years and you are on the media's hot list and on website after website, that doesn’t always happen to a guy in your position. What is the infatuation with Robert Guerrero?

The Lord, when you praise the Lord you shed light on everybody, when you have God in your life you shed light on everybody.

BH: How are you preparing for this fight?

I’m getting in great shape and using my jab more, boxing more and more shots. Just a lot of different stuff I’m adding in my training. I’m just trying to knock the guys head off with power shots, I’m picking and poking using body shots breaking them down. It is a whole different out look of fighting and John Bray is bringing all these different talents out of me. I’m real happy the way it is going.

BH: Where do you see yourself with this new team?

With this new team, at the top of boxing.

BH: What do you think the future holds for yourself in and out of the sport of boxing?

For me using boxing as a type of ministry, to minister to all those people and I’m using my opportunity fighting on TV to get the word of the Lord out there. That is where I want to go with my career in an out of it. I want to give all the glory to God.

BH: Anything in closing?

RG: Just God Bless everybody and the fans. I’m ready for this fight, this is the year that I will be coming out strong and I will give all the glory to God, to Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank my buddy Mario Serrano for all his help. It is yet again very appreciated. A big shout out goes to the Ghost and for more info, Robert invites you to visit his website:
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