‘Mighty’ Mike Arnaoutis: ”Miguel Cotto is who I want, Cotto is who I am going to get, and Cotto is who I am going to beat!”
INTERVIEW by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (December 6, 2005)  
'Mighty' Mike Arnaoutis
The Greek fire cracker returns the 9th of December to defend his NABO light welterweight strap, and ‘Mighty’ Mike Arnaoutis 14-0-2 (6) is set to lay some hurting on his opponent, the hard hitting Jose Leo Moreno 12-0 (10) in a twelve round all out brawl.

The spitfire southpaw has strong-armed the competition in his four years as a professional pugilist utilizing his speed, strength and slick style to disrupt his opposition and gain well fought victories. Throughout his journey the mighty one has whacked out win after win gaining recognition for his abilities and in your face attacks by beating the likes of Jesse Feliciano, who Arnaoutis dismantled and destroyed in one round to gain the vacant NABO light welterweight title. ‘Mighty’ Mike also thrashed the once beaten Jauquin Gallardo in three rounds and just three months ago defeated the tough as nails journeyman Marteze Logan via ten round unanimous decision. On Friday the twenty-six year old rising star plans to bring his opponent’s win streak to an abrupt halt, and the destruction and terror has just begun!

‘Mighty’ Mike took the time to speak to the Doghouse to give his thoughts on his upcoming match-up and his future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off I just want to say thanks for taking the time out to speak with the Doghouse, as always it is greatly appreciated. Give us your thoughts on your upcoming title defense against Jose Leo Moreno?

Mike Arnaoutis:
It is a pleasure and anytime you want to interview me I am at your disposal. I have been training just over a month and I am ready to whip Moreno’s @%$!.

BH: How about your training, what preparations are you making to a secure a solid victory?

Everything is different in my training preparation, I feel this training program I have is going to take me to the world title. I am a technical fighter, my technique has gotten a hell of a lot better in my past four or five fights and I am very happy how things are going.

BH: Moreno has knocked out ten of his twelve opponents; in all honestly is his power a major concern?

The knockouts don’t matter bother me, basically Moreno can come in and keep knocking people out but in his thirteenth fight he is going to lose. I am not only going to beat him but I am going to dissect him because that title is mine. Moreno is not capable of taking my title away from me; he can keep winning after I beat him.

BH: Looking at your division what match-ups do you feel would be exciting for the fight fans and be good for the division?

I feel a Mayweather vs. Hatton fight will be good for boxing and TV and the fans, it is a pretty big fight. If Zab Judah could come down in weight and fight Kostya Tszyu that would a great match-up and I think it would be a different story than last time.

BH: What have you learned about yourself these past few fights as far your needed improvements and your greatest strengths are concerned?

Improvements are always required without questions so I can never stop learning. My biggest obstacle was when I had to travel back and forth to Greece after each fight. Now that I am going to be a permanent resident in the US with in the next six months you are going to see were Arnaoutis is going to go.

BH: What are some match-ups that you yourself want, what fights do you feel would solidify your stance in the division?

My goal is the world title, and since I am rated the highest in the WBO and Miguel Cotto is who I want, Cotto is who I am going to get, and Cotto is who I am going to beat. Cotto doesn’t have the style to beat me, and now that I am going to be here permanently everybody is going to know that. I will be a world champion by the end of 2006.

Mike Michael: My opinion that ‘Mighty’ Mike Arnaoutis will not only beat Miguel Cotto but he will expose Cotto as a very limited champion. It doesn’t matter if Cotto has twenty-three fights or forty-three fights he is what he is, Arnaoutis will expose him for what he is. A champion who is overweight, who has a weak chin and is limited skill wise. He is a one-dimensional fighter who can box a littler but with no defense and he is basically a five round fighter. He is not a full package. Cotto is who we want, Cotto is who we are going to get, and Cotto is who we are going to beat.

BH: Using just one word what best describes Mike Arnaoutis?

Hungry for a world title.

Mike Michael: I would describe my fighter as this, he has unlimited natural ability. It is starting now to develop as he matures, I think his speed is similar to Sugar Ray Leonard’s. His abilities are just unbelievable Benny, he trains hard, he fights hard and I think he has all the tools to be a world champion. Now that he is going to live here in the US full time I think he is going to beat everybody. We don’t want to be obnoxious and say we want to chase Floyd Mayweather Jr. down right now because at this time he isn’t ready for Floyd but that’s not to say he can’t fight Floyd in the future. I believe he can beat Cotto, I believe he can beat Hatton, and I definitely believe he would stop Gatti the same way Floyd Jr. did. If these guys want to fight tomorrow then let’s make the fight. Like Cotto, instead of improving as a champion he is getting worse. To where the higher the level the competition the higher ‘Mighty’ Mike raises his game. Just like Urango, we have offered his people the rematch and they don’t want it, nobody wants to fight Mike, who the hell wants to fight Mike? We will fight Cotto and we will beat Cotto, and ‘Mighty’ Mike will beat Miguel Cotto hands down. That’s my opinion.

BH: You know that was more than one word right? (Laughs)

Mike Michael:
Ah, you know I can use just one word. (Laughs) OK, the best way to describe Arnaoutis is ‘world champion’.

BH: I’m not saying Moreno appears to be your toughest opponent but most certainly he is one tough cookie and isn’t just going to roll over for you in this bout, and in my opinion it would appear it is going to be a tough fight. So what would a victory over Moreno say to the others in your division?

I don’t think this victory is going to mean a lot he is just a 12-0 fighter. Maybe he is a strong kind and then again maybe he isn’t. The bottom line is that Arnaoutis isn’t for a 12-0 guy; I have bigger things in mind than that. I am going to be focused and what I need to do and I am going to win a decisive victory, I will be victorious.

BH: Okay Mr. Michael, assuming ‘Mighty’ Mike is successful in his upcoming bout what plans do you have for himself in the real near future?

Mike Michael:
There is a pay-per-view event the 27th of January, which Mike will either be the main or co-main event on that. We are debating on who we are going to fight; we want to fight somebody of significance. We aren’t taking anything away from Moreno, he is a tough boy who is going to come in and fight. I know we are going to be successful.

BH: Okay guys, is there anything you both would like to say in closing or add to this interview in closing, you have first dibs to speak ‘Mighty’ Mike.

I want to thank my team, thank my family, thank my fans and media that support me and I will not let anybody down. I will do my best and I believe my best is enough to make me a world champion. I want to be a plain and simple guy who the public can relate to. I believe without the fans nobody can be successful.

BH: Okay Mr. Michael, finish it up brother.

Mike Michael:
We love being in the fight game and we love our fight fans and we aren’t going to let our fans down at any given time.

I would like to thank Mike Michael and Mike Arnaoutis for their time and thoughts, it is greatly appreciated.
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