Calvin Brock: Ready for the Rhino!
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (December 30, 2004)  
Calvin Brock
Undefeated heavyweight prospect Calvin Brock, 23-0 (19), looks to defend his untarnished record and move closer to the top with a win over fight veteran Clifford Etienne, 29-2-2 (20), on January 21st at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The two will be exchanging punches on the co-event of the Juan Diaz and Billy Irwin WBA lightweight title match-up that will be featured on ESPN2 and will be promoted by Main Events. The 'Black Rhino' is looking to get back in the mix while 'The Boxing Banker' is crusading to get a title shot. The North Carolina native burst onto the boxing scene in 2001 with a third round TKO over Zibielee Kimbrough and since then has handed out twenty-three losses to twenty-three different opponents and laid to sleep nineteen of his victims. The 2000 Olympian is looking to continue his winning ways and he knows what is at stake against Etienne, who holds victories over the likes of Lamon Brewster, Lawrence Clay-Bey, and Wesley Marti,n who Brock also faced and defeated in just two rounds this past November. To get to the top you must face and dispose of all who threaten your path to the heavyweight crown and so far Brock has come through with flying colours. The talented prospect stopped by the Doghouse to talk about his upcoming match-up and what the future holds for him.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey Calvin, congratulations on your recent victory over Wesley Martin. Now you will be facing Clifford Etienne in January and a bout against the Black Rhino seems to be a big test for your young career, I mean this guy has beaten Lamon Brewster, Lawrence Clay Bay and fought Mike Tyson. What are your thoughts on this bout against Etienne?

Calvin Brock:
Well, my thoughts are that I’m the real heavyweight champion of the world, that’s what I believe in my spirit and my mind. I just have to make it manifest to the public by winning a title so if I’m going to be the legitimate undisputed champion of the world I have to be able to beat guys like Clifford Etienne and take on even better opponents after him.

BH: You think a win over Clifford will finally get you the media attention and get your name out to the boxing public and most of all get you some TV time in the future?

Yeah definitely, it will definitely propel my career to where I’m really trying to get to and that’s to the heavyweight championship of the world.

BH: How about your training, what training regime will you take on for this fight?

Well I have been training hard for this fight more than ever before; I’m already in great shape I am just going to be in superb shape.

BH: Clearly a big step in your career, even though the fight is a ways away and a lot can happen in that time, do you have butterflies?

No, I don’t have any butterflies. Coming through the amateurs you get used to boxing opponents in do-or-die situations so this isn’t any different at all. But I am real excited about it and am looking forward to it.

BH: What are your thoughts on Clifford as a fighter, so you see anything you could capitalize on or utilize against him with his style in this fight?

It is always a plus when I have my opponents coming at me, so that means I don’t have to be all around the ring trying to find him. He will be right there for me to find, and that is one of the pluses I have in my advantage.

BH: Well not looking too far ahead in the future, but what about after Clifford Etienne, whom else would you like to face?

Well I haven’t really thought about it that much especially when it is kind of hard to call out one of Don King’s boxers, so unless I call out one of Don King’s boxers I really don’t know what is after this. I’ll just take it one boxing match at a time.

BH: Well with Don King holding a big piece of the pie in the heavyweight division does that hinder you from being champion?

No, it doesn’t hinder myself because God is for me so who could be against me? The doors are going to open regardless.

BH: Clifford is looking at you as a chance to get back to the top with a win and you yourself are pretty much using Etienne as a step to the top. Clifford could possibly be looking at this fight as a last shot to the top, do you feel that will play a major role in this fight with him wanting to come at you hard and trying to make a statement?

Well anybody trying to make it to the top is looking to come at everybody hard especially when they are facing somebody undefeated as myself. I’m a good person to beat; if he could beat me it could propel him back to the top and get some attention again. But hey man, I am undefeated and I’m going to stay undefeated. I’m going to win this boxing match and that is just it, period. [Laughs]

BH: Is there anything you would like to add in closing?

Well I just would just like to thank Clifford for taking this challenge because obviously I can’t take it to the top without somebody that has a name. He was willing to take the challenge so I really appreciate Clifford doing that and putting his name on the line.

I would like to thank the crew at Main Events for all their help on this interview along with everyone else involved. I would like to give a big shout out to Calvin Brock for his time and thoughts. Stay tuned for a ringside report of this bout and the main event to come.
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