Lamon Brewster Speaks to Doghouse Boxing’s Youngest Scribe
By “Lil” Big Dog”, son of Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (April 6, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
Former heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster 35-4 (30) steps in the Doghouse and speaks to the youngest writer ever featured on Doghouse Boxing, speaking out on his career, his future and hands out his message to the youth of America. Read on to see what an eleven year old boxing fan has to ask the heavyweight contender, enjoy.

The “Lil” Big Dog” Henderson: I would like to ask my first question which is, how are you doing?

Lamon Brewster: I am doing fine man thanks for asking. I took the kids to church today, and afterwards we went to the carnival, there is a carnival around the corner from my house, so went and had a really good time. I always enjoy the time I can spend with my kids because I am always training or doing something.

“Lil” Big Dog” Man, I wish I would have went to the carnival today too.

Oh yeah…(Both Laugh)

“Lil” Big Dog”: How is your fighting career going?

It is going good man, I am just taking it one day at a time trying to get the rust off of me, get my title back and try to get two more fights before I step up and fight for a world title. It is going good because I am in the gym with James Toney, Toney is one of the best fighters in the world, it is a big confidence booster to train with somebody like that. I also have a really good trainer who is helping me get myself back on track.

“Lil” Big Dog”: What is it like getting hit in the face? (Laughs as he asks)

You know something man, you cannot worry about it, as a fighter you cannot worry about getting hit in the face, because you have to accept that it is going to happen, it is a part of boxing, the thing is not getting hit as much as possible, and try to hit your opponent more than he can hit you to be declared the winner. I don’t try to harp on getting hit in the face because if you get hit once that means something else is coming so I be trying to get out of the way.

“Lil” Big Dog”: Yeah, I would too.


“Lil” Big Dog”: When is your next fight?

Ah, I am trying to fight either May 30th or June sometime, the thing is I understand I have a lot of rust on me, in order to get it all off of me I have to stay busy, stay in the gym and stay in the ring. Mike Tyson said, confidence breeds success, and success breeds confidence, the more you do something the better you be at it so I am just trying to live by those words.

“Lil” Big Dog”: What do your kids think of you being a fighter?

You know man they are still at a young age and they love the fact that they can say their Daddy is a boxer, let alone the heavyweight champion of the world, so they are proud of me. So every time I step in the ring every time I training I try to make them that mush more proud, give them a reason for them to be proud of me.

“Lil” Big Dog”: What was it like winning your first pro fight?

Oh man it was very emotional, because there was a guy who was like a brother to me and he died just a few months before I had that pro fight. I always thought he would be in my life and he was like a big brother to me, I just felt like winning the fight was like winning it for him to, so it was like bigger than life. I was nervous because I was fighting without head gear, I was determined to win and I did.

“Lil” Big Dog”: Who did you feel when you lost your first pro fight?

I was very disappointed, I was depressed for a long time and in shock, I was not supposed to lose that fight. A lot of things happened and I ended up losing and it just took me into another direction and it took me a long time to get myself back on track, it taught me a lot about myself.

“Lil” Big Dog”: What is it like being a world champ?

It is a great feeling man, it is a really good feeling to know that you are on the top of a mountain that nobody else is standing on. I am able to do something that nobody else can do and I have accomplished something that very few men on the face pf the earth has accomplished, it is a great feeling. I gave it my all and it paid off.

“Lil” Big Dog”: What message would you send out to the kids my age?

You don’t need anybody to tell you what you can or cannot do, you can do anything that you want to do, you just have to believe that you can do it. The biggest part of being successful for me is believing in God and having confidence. But if you believe in yourself you can achieve any goal man, and I say any goal, that is what I have to say to the youth, put your mind to something and don’t let nobody tell you, you cannot do it. I don’t care if it is your mother, your father or your brother, if it is something that you want to do, than man do it. Don’t let nobody tell you other wise!

“Lil” Big Dog”: Do you have any closing thoughts?

Yes, my closing thoughts is your ninth question, you can do anything that you want to do if you believe it strong enough. If you believe you can climb a mountain, you can climb it, if people say that you cannot, then prove them wrong, never let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do.

“Lil” Big Dog”: Thank you for your time.

Anytime Big Dog, “Lil” Big Dog” anytime.

The “Lil” Big Dog” is the son of Doghouse Boxing’s lead writer, The “Big Dog” Benny Henderson Jr.

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