Shannon Briggs Uncut Part Two: “I’ll fight Golota, Klitschko, Peter or anybody, hell I’ll knock Valuev the f*ck out!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 3, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Part - One)  
There are never any dull moments when you are interviewing former WBO heavyweight title holder Shannon Briggs 48-5-1 (42). Regardless of what you think about the man as a fighter, as a person, he is one of the most colorful characters you will ever come across.

In part one of the uncut and very candid interview Shannon Briggs conducted with Doghouse Boxing, the former champ spoke out on his loss to Ibragimov, and dipped into what is next for his career, which
includes a future movie about his life and career.

If you enjoyed part one you must read on. As usual Briggs does not disappoint when it comes to the verbal assaults on anybody and everybody. Briggs talks about his comeback, his movie and most certainly the players in the heavyweight division, enjoy.

BH: How does it feel to of overcame all that you have to be where you are today?

When I beat Sergei it felt great, but at the same time I knew that I could do better with my performance. Like I said Benny, I had him out in the first round. I dreamed that I lost my mother, that night she passed away. Listen to me Benny, I dreamed that I will knock out Klitschko, they are not going to stop me! I will tell you what a great feeling was, every fighter said I was going to lose, every boxing writer said I was going to lose. The great part was making them eat their words.

BH: (Laughing) My bad, brother, I was one of them saying that as well.

Apology accepted, but that is OK, it is nothing personal. I want to be the spoiler. I will be heavyweight champion again! It is politics, print this sh*t! I want them to read this, I want them to know that they are trying to stop Shannon Briggs and they are not going to stop me.

BH: You are coming back.

I really never left to be honest with you. They are trying to force me to retire Benny, the powers that be and I am still going to fight for my fans. People are saying Wladimir is the best, how is he the best? He has been ducking me for years.

BH: You want a tune up fight?

Give me a title shot, I want to fight Samuel Peter, and he is another coward ducking me! I went out and got the belt, they sabotaged me. If I am lucky I will get another shot, hopefully fight Samuel Peter, if he doesn’t fight the Venus champion or whatever the f*ck he is, Vitali Quitschko, he always says he assh*le hurts or his nuts hurt! Be he can still come back and get a title shot? If they let me come back and get a title shot, I will fight anybody. If I have to take the road less traveled and fight every f*cking Tom, Dick and Harry then I will, but how is it that I stopped Liakhovich and he turns around and fights Valuev for the number one spot, the last time he looked up his ass was out on a table.

BH: Politics.

Come on Benny, talk to me, ease my nerves, how in the f*ck does he get stretched out on the table then fights Valuev. I’ll fight Valuev, I’ll knock Valuev the f*ck out! You keep this recorded homey and keep this the rest of your life. (Laughing)

BH: I am going to ask two more questions. What do you want to tell the fight world?

I want to take the politics away, I want the fans to do their homework. I had to fight my way back, and nobody wants to fight Shannon Briggs. These people do not want to risk that I may come in shape, I can knock out any man on any given night. I took a major loss, but all I am asking for is to get a shot at one of these champions, I am asking the people to help me get my title back. I am willing to campaign and get my title back, I am the best heavyweight in the world.

BH: Closing thoughts.

I am looking forward to filming this movie about my life, and to come back. I am looking forward to getting back in the ring. I am the spoiler. Let me say this, they are recycling Golota again, why? Because of Polish television, the money, that guy cannot fight, Golota will not come near me! His last fight against Mike Mollo, you got to be kidding me. Give me my chance, I’ll fight anybody!

I would like to thank Brad Cooney for setting up the interview, and a thanks goes out to Shannon. For more info on Briggs check out

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