Aaron Williams: "I feel that I made a really big statement!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 7, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Undefeated cruiserweight rising star "Awesome" Aaron Williams 17-0-1 (12) is putting the fight world on notice. The unbeaten star wants the world to know that he is here and he comes to fight! If there are any doubts on that statement then be sure and ask Andre Purlette his thoughts. Purlette was on the hurting end of Aaron's assault this past Friday night on ESPN's FNF and although the co-attraction, the twenty-one year old sensation stole the show with a second round knockout over the veteran.

Coming off the biggest win of his young career, Aaron took the time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing giving his thoughts on his recent win and seemingly bright future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Congratulations on last Friday nights big win over Andre Purlette; give the readers your thoughts on the W.

Aaron Williams:
I was boxing him and countering him and countering and I happened to catch him with a right hand, and then with two more and he went down. I went out there put together my punches and took him out.

BH: You seemed at ease with your attack, honestly and I mean no disrespect to Andre, but you made this fight look very easy for yourself, you agree?

Yes, that's what my trainer Eddie and I worked on just be easy and not put too much muscle and pressure into it, only if needed. Just take my time and
box, everything we worked on in the gym paid off. That's what happens when you train hard and do things right.

BH: You had a very convincing win over a guy who has been in the ring for a long time with some very credible opposition, what statement do you made with this win?

I feel like I made a big statement, I feel good, this guy has been around and fought a lot of competition. I went out there and did what I did in two rounds, so to me that is a really big statement. I want to let everybody know that Aaron Williams is here and I come to fight.

BH: The night you fought, ESPN had in guest studio undefeated BJ Flores. What are your thoughts on BJ, and what about a future bout against another undefeated rising star such as Flores?

I think BJ is a good fighter, I take nothing away from him. He proved himself as an amateur and has done so as a professional. I wish him well.

BH: Is there anything you would like to say in closing of this interview, or any message you want to send out to the fight world?

I want to thank all of my team, Eddie, Pat and Albert, my sponsors and promotional company. I want to thank all the fans that tuned in for the fight and thanks to Doghouse Boxing for having me.

I would like to thank Pat Doljanin for helping out with this interview, and thanks goes out to Aaron Williams for his time and thoughts.

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