Carina Moreno: “I am ready to go!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 16, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Daisy Rosas)  
WBC’s 2007 “Female Fighter of the Year”, as well as the current WBC Female minimumweight title holder Carina Moreno 17-1 (5) is raring and ready to continue her domination over her opposition, and the Watsonville woman warrior will attempt to maintain her success this Thursday night at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, CA, as she takes on the unbeaten Dan-Bi Kim 4-0 (1) for the vacant WIBA minimumweight title.

“La Reina” has captured titles as well as the hearts of the fans with her fast fists and unrelenting style,
a method that has earned her victories over the likes of Sandra Ortiz (TKO 2), Valarie Rix (UD 6) and Hollie Dunaway (UD 10). She is a may be small, but you know the old adage, “Big bangs come in small packages!” And the female firecracker looks to pour out the pop come fight night.

Moreno took the time to speak to Doghouse Boxing giving her thoughts on her upcoming fight as well as future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You are slated to face Dan-Bi Kim this Thursday night, how are you feeling with the bout just being days away?

Carina Moreno:
I am ready to go, I was scheduled to fight a while back ago and my opponent pulled out, but I had all the preparation for the fight. I did go ahead a fight a four rounder that was a different pace of what I am used to. I am very excited and ready to go. I am anxious to get it out of the way. I have been training real hard, I feel real confident and my training camp has gone real well. I am ready to go.

BH: What do you know about your opponent?

I don’t know anything about her, but my trainer and I work on all styles in the gym with different sparring partners. We are prepared for whatever she brings.

BH: You have banged out nine consecutive wins as well as tacking on a few titles since 2006, what statement do you feel that you have made with your success?

I think I have made a real big statement, as I was amateur fighter so when I turned pro I brought a lot of experience with me. I hope that I have made a statement to the lady fighters that being an amateur fighter pays off. Hard work pays off. What you put in is what you are going to get out of it.

BH: What are your greatest strengths and assets as a fighter?

I am real dedicated and real strong for my size, I am small but I am real strong.

BH: I know you are not looking past Kim, but you are also slated to face Eileen Olszewski in June, she appears to be one tough customer, what are your thoughts on that match-up?

it is going to be a real good match-up, she is a former teammate, it is going to be a tough but a great fight. We used to spar and people would stop training and watch us spar, it is going to be a tough fight and I am looking forward to it. We are friends but that is not going to get into the way.

BH: What are some of the fighters you like to watch or look up to?

I like watching Mayweather, Calzaghe, and Pacquiao.

BH: If you could send out a message to your upcoming opponent, as well as entire fight world, what would it be?

I am ready to go come fight night and again in June, I have trained really hard for this one.

BH: Anything in closing?

After this fight be sure to tune in June, it is going to be a great fight, if you cannot make it out to the fight, then tune in to PPV.

I would like to thank Mario Serrano for setting up this interview, and thanks goes out to Carina for her time and thoughts.

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